The First Annual TVO Awards have wrapped up! Look for them again December 2011!

Welcome to the central hub for the First Annual TVOvermind Awards (or the “TVOs” for short). This is where you can keep track of the voting and polls for the awards. When polls open and close, we’ll let you know here. You can check below for the schedule, and scroll down even below that for a full list of nominations.

The TVOvermind Awards will be held from December 29, 2010, until January 1, 2011. The Awards will be voted upon by you, the readers. In addition to main “Best Show of 2010” category (which will have quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals), we will post three categories a day for you to vote upon. Voting for each poll will be open for twenty-four hours. Results of the final polls will be announced on January 2, 2011.

Below is the schedule for the polls:

December 29, 2010

Best Show of 2010 – Round 1.1

Other Categories

December 30, 2010

Best Show of 2010 – Round 1.2

Other Categories

December 31, 2010

Best Show of 2010 – Round 2

Other Categories

January 1, 2011

Best Show of 2010 – Round 3 (Final Round)

Other Categories

And the nominees are…

And here you are: the nominations for these awards. The Best Show of 2010 Awards have no nominations, because all shows are in the running for that one! All other nominees were selected by the TVOvermind staff. Without further ado, here are the nominations:

Best Actor in a Drama

  • Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
  • Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
  • Michael Emerson, LOST
  • Michael C. Hall, Dexter
  • Jon Hamm, Mad Men
  • Arliss Howard, Rubicon
  • John Noble, Fringe
  • Terry O’Quinn, LOST
  • Jared Padalecki, Supernatural
  • Matt Smith, Doctor Who

Best Actress in a Drama

  • Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
  • Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
  • Karen Gillan, Doctor Who
  • Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad
  • January Jones, Mad Men
  • Evangeline Lilly, LOST
  • Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
  • Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
  • Katey Sagal, Sons of Anarchy
  • Anna Torv, Fringe

Best Actor in a Comedy

  • Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
  • Louis C.K., Louis
  • Ted Danson, Bored to Death
  • David Duchovny, Californication
  • Donald Glover, Community
  • Thomas Jane, Hung
  • Matthew Morrison, Glee
  • Lucas Neff, Raising Hope
  • Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
  • Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Best Actress in a Comedy

  • Julie Bowen, Modern Family
  • Lizzy Caplan, Party Down
  • Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
  • Tina Fey, 30 Rock
  • Jenna Fischer, The Office
  • Jane Lynch, Glee
  • Lea Michele, Glee
  • Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds
  • Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
  • Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck

Best Guest Star in a Drama

  • Leonard Nimoy, Fringe
  • Julia Stiles, Dexter
  • Lennie James, The Walking Dead
  • Zack Gilford, Friday Night Lights
  • Alex Kingston, Doctor Who

Best Guest Star in a Comedy

  • Mayin Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
  • Carol Burnette, Glee
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, Glee
  • Nathan Lane, Modern Family
  • Betty White, Community

Smartest Show

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Fringe
  • Rubicon
  • The Event
  • Friday Night Lights

Guiltiest Pleasure

  • Glee
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • American Idol
  • Nikita
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta

Best Character in a Drama

  • Dexter Morgan, Dexter
  • Walter Bishop, Fringe
  • Hank, Terriers
  • Walter White, Breaking Bad
  • Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
  • Castiel, Supernatural
  • Jack Shephard, LOST
  • Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries
  • The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • Richard Castle, Castle

Best Character in a Comedy

  • Burt Chance, Raising Hope
  • Sue Sylvester, Glee
  • Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock
  • Cameron Tucker, Modern Family
  • Jeff Winger, Community
  • Manny Delgado, Modern Family
  • George Christopher, Bored to Death
  • Sarah Walker, Chuck
  • Laurie Keller, Cougar Town
  • Jackie Peyton, Nurse Jackie

Best New Series of 2010

  • Raising Hope
  • Terriers
  • The Walking Dead
  • Human Target
  • Rubicon
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Caprica
  • The Pacific
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand
  • Hawaii Five-O

Most Anticipated Debut of 2011

  • The Cape
  • Shameless
  • Game of Thrones
  • Episodes
  • Alcatraz
  • Breakout Kings
  • Being Human
  • Alphas
  • Lights Out
  • The Killing