Should Archer’s ISIS Change Its Name?

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If you’re like me, when you first heard the name ISIS making international news, your first thought was immediately of the international spy agency that’s been the centerpiece of FX’s Archer for years now. On the show, it stands for the International Secret Intelligence Service, and though they do some off-book stuff, they’re generally the good guys. But real-life ISIS? That would be the civillian/journalist-killing terrorist group now running rampant in Iraq, no laughing matter at all. Their ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and they’ve likely never watched FX.

This kind of poses a problem for FX, given that the name of their fictional spy agency is now associated with the most notorious terrorist organization currently operating in the real world. Granted, it’s just an acronym, and it means two different things, but it begs the question. Should Archer do away with ISIS when it returns?

They already have, in a way. As most fans will recall, the past season of Archer was called “Archer Vice,” where the gang turned from spies to drug and arms dealers. But by the end of the season, it seemed as if ISIS was going to come back to life.

There are a few ways this could be handled. They could return and simply ignore real-life ISIS altogether. They could subtly change the name to something else, and not say why. Or, they could make an actual bit about it, and have them come back only to find a terrorist organization has stolen their acronym, and they could spend the season hunting them down in order to get it back.

As funny as that may be in theory, I think we’re not quite in a place at this point to be lampooning real-life ISIS as they’re still killing innocents and beheading journalists on video. Not really a laughing matter, and Archer might be wise to just ignore them completely, and come back with a slightly different name. Or, would that mean the terrorists win?

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  • KramerKramer

    No, the US government just needs to destroy the terrorists, because Archer had the name first.

    And ‘murica.