Comedy Central to Syndicate Archer


Archer has proven itself over the years. It stands alone in its adult cartoon territory. It is not a nuclear family with one pet who is trying to make it in modern America. It is not a show filled with talking animals or anthropomorphic candy. No, it is a satire of the spy genre, and is crass and hilarious, all at once. Well, Archer has had a great run and is still going strong, so it makes sense the show would go into syndication. Well, that just happens to be what is happening, right now.

Seems the Comedy Central network picked up Archer and will be running it in syndication. What this means for people who don’t speak TV is, Archer will always be on at some point during the day. You know, like Seinfeld? Don’t get me wrong, it wont be quite THAT frequent, but it gives people who have not seen the show a chance to catch up on this genius show. If you really think about Archer it hits you that it really is unlike anything on TV. It is like a James Bond movie if a James Bond movie was 22 minutes long, aired once a week, and was self-aware. Well, with Syndication, you can expect a lot more than just once a week from Archer.

I feel like I could make a really inappropriate joke based around the wording in that last line, but instead, I am going to just walk away, all mature like. Read more about the deal over at Deadline Hollywood.

[Photo via FX]

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