Arrested Development: New Season 4 Posters Reintroduce Us to the Bluths

Arrested DevelopmentThe eagerly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development is still a month away, but Netflix is slowly teasing the return of the Bluth family by sharing new character posters of the cast.

EW has a cover story about Arrested Development this week and the article gives a lot of great tidbits about the upcoming season. First, there’s a time jump of 7 years from the events of the end of season 3 but, according to creator Mitchell Hurwitz says: “They are 10 years older than when we met, so that means emotionally they’re, like, two years older than we met them. Amazing things happen when one goes from being emotionally 12 years old to emotionally being 14 years old.” And Hurwitz confirms that each of the 15 episodes will focus on one particular character, with other characters popping in and out to flush out the story of the last seven years.

Click the link below to browse through posted for the new season of Arrested Development, which will be released on Netflix on May 26.



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