Arrested Development To Likely Become Movie (Like We All Suspected)


Remember before Arrested Development came back on Netflix, everyone just assumed it was going to be made into a movie? People had given up on the show format, but were more than willing to get any time with the Bluths they could. But then Netflix scooped in and solved all our problems by giving us a wonderful new season, which we all watched in about two days time. Well, good news for those who were still hoping for an Arrested Development movie. It looks like it may be happening after all.

Arrested Development writer and creator Mitch Hurwitz recently let the bomb drop that he has already started working on script for Arrested Development film, even though an actual film has not been greenlit yet. What Hurwizt would ultimately like to do with Arrested Development is to make a movie next, filling in all the gaps and flushing out the story more, and than ending the show with a final season on Netflix. Get a more in-depth version of story over at Uproxx.

But even Hurwitz admits that writing the movie before a movie is okay’d is kind of insane, and could completely backfire on him. But can you take a moment to imagine the Bluth family on the big screen? I can only imagine the scope of their faux-pas would get even more insane. Plus, with censors being far less stringent when it comes to film, it would be interesting to see just how far they could push it.

But like we said, don’t pre-order your tickets yet, because the movie hasn’t been confirmed. Thing is, this is Mitch Hurwitz’s baby, so if a movie and a final season is how he wants it to play out, don’t be surprised if that’s just what we get.

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