Netflix in Talks For Season Five of Arrested Development

certaThe Arrested Development reboot has been Netflix’s best “original” show success to date, its numbers surpassing House of Cards and obviously Hemlock Grove (and probably Orange is the New Black, despite its quality). As such, it stands to reason that the network might do everything in its power to be able to bring the show back.

“We are in conversations with them to do another,” the co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment toldBloomberg on Thursday. “They are interested in doing that.”

It was incredibly complicated to get season four of Arrested Development going, and season five could prove difficult as well. As said before, the cast are all now successful actors with their own commitments, and it’s not like all of them want to quit being movie stars to be on set for Arrested now.

It’s the reason the new season was formatted as oddly as it was. Why episodes starred individual characters rather than the cast as an ensemble. They did this to work around the scheduling conflicts of the actors. They made it work, but it was weird to watch a version of Arrested Development where Tobias doesn’t appear for five episodes, Buster has 3% screen time and so on. It was one of the major complaints about the new season.

The other issues was the often confusing timeline, which jumped around from days to months to years after the initial three seasons ended. This IS one aspect of the show that could be fixed for season five, hopefully, and I wish they wouldn’t follow the “15 episodes ending in one timeline” idea that they did the last time.

No deals are in place for season five, but the idea is being worked on as we speak.

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