Arrow Preview: A Matter of Life and Death

Clarissa February 6, 2013 0

ArrowThis week’s Arrow ended on an exciting cliffhanger that showed us that no one is safe from Oliver’s quest for vengeance.  Oliver confronted Moira about the book of names, but Moira told him that the less questions he asks the better.  Diggle was convinced that Moira was hiding something and he began following her until he had proof to present to Oliver: a recording of her talking about the sabotoge of the Queen’s Gambit.  Determined to get to the bottom of this situation, Oliver burst into his mother’s office and told her she had “failed this city”.

Elsewhere, a mob boss named Cyrus Vanch was released from prison and started targeting the Arrow after Laurel asked Oliver to help her catch Vanch.  When he couldn’t figure out a way to bring the masked man down, he kidnapped Laurel.  Fortunately, Oliver teamed up with Detective Lance to save Laurel, but after learning that her father used her to get close to the Arrow, she’s determined to put some distance between them for now.

Meanwhile, in flashbacks to the island, we learned that the map given to Oliver by Yao Fei led Oliver to a man named Slade Wilson who revealed that he and his partner had come to the island to help free Yao Fei.

In the February 13 episode, Oliver is determined to get answers from his mother and confronts her as the Arrow.  Somewhere along the way Oliver is shot and heads to Felicity for help.  Surprised by his secret identity, but determined to help him, she brings him back to his hideout and works with Diggle to save Oliver’s life.

Watch a preview below for the February 13 episode of Arrow on The CW.  Browse through photos for the episode here.