First Video of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on Arrow

Paul December 3, 2013 0

Tomorrow is a night that Arrow fans have been looking forward to for a while now. Hell, it’s a night that superhero fans in general have been looking forward to. We’ve rarely seen The Flash ever appear on modern screens, be it in movies or TV. Even the speedy kid in Smallville was forced to be “Impulse” due to licensing issues. But now The Flash is under the same roof as the CW’s Arrow, and Barry Allen will be played by Grant Gustin in this week’s episode, The Scientist.

In the video above, Allen shows up (late, ironically) to a crime scene where we learn he’s a CSI tech investigating superpowered murders. Not exactly his normal day job, and I wonder what else they’ll change about his origin story to make him fit the Arrow-verse.

Arrow is about to turn a very important corner into the realm of superpowers, somewhere it hasn’t been before. New enemies have super-strength, and Allen will eventually be granted super speed. It’s an idea the show has avoided so far, but sort of had to happen eventually. I will say the show has done a good job dancing around it though, like giving Black Canary a sonic device rather than making it an inherent power.

I just hope the show doesn’t become too goofy with the introduction of powers, as being somewhat grounded in reality and physics has worked well for it so far. I guess we’ll see how Gustin’s Allen does, and of course we know he’s getting his own full pilot too.