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Harper’s Island 1.04 “Bang” Recap

This week it’s the day of the bachelor/bachelorette parties. The boys go fishing and find something better than sockeye, and the girls just wanna have psychic fun. But someone’s going to come down with a terminal case of late, who’s it gonna be?


Harper’s Island 1.03 “Ka-Blam” Recap

Straight from the land of shiny new laptops (huzzah!) comes more murder, mayhem, and mystery as the Sheriff tries to determine if Kelly’s death was indeed an accident, and sweet revenge is had by one of the wedding guests.


Harper’s Island 1.02 “Crackle” Recap

The plot thickens and the cast thins as the wedding goers attempt a scavenger hunt, Abby reconnects with some old friends, Trish reconnects with an old ex, and Henry’s fist connects with Shane’s jaw. Only the last really pleases me.


Bones 4.17 – “The Salt in the Wounds” Recap

This week, our Dynamic Duo host a Very Special Episode of Bones. It’s ripped from the headlines and everything, ladies and gents, so sit back and enjoy “Booth and Bones go to High School (Again).”


TVOvermind Awards Watch: The Saturn Awards

On March 11th, the nominees for this year’s Saturn Awards were announced and we here at TVOvermind were tickled to see some of our favorite shows up-front and center stage.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.14 “The Good Wound” Recap

The past comes back to haunt Terminator in a big way when we pick up not long after the ending of “Earthlings Welcome Here”. Sarah and Riley are both in the hospital with the men who love them watching over and the forces around them circle. In other news: John Henry plays with toys, and the product-placing Fox FX budget gets to finally give us some Terminator carnage.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.13 “Earthlings Welcome Here” Recap

Here’s your final (for now) historical recap for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, just in time for the new episodes beginning tonight. If the last episode I ‘capped was a little Terminator meets 24, this week we revisit The X-files. Sarah is STILL looking for the answer to her Dots of Delusion, only now she’s on her own. Add an alien convention, a mysterious blogger, and a conspiracy to cover something up and she just might be in over her head. The truth is out there, can Sarah survive the search; or will the ghosts of her former selves lead her astray?