Banshee’s Finale Sets Viewing Record for Cinemax


HBO’s little brother Cinemax is finally coming into its own, it seems. They have something of a hit on their hands with Banshee, at least judging by their own metrics. The second season finale of the show drew in 733,000 viewers, which beats their old record for an original show by a full 142,000. With an encore airing, the numbers hit 968,000 in total.

The season to date gross viewership between live numbers and DVRs and HBO Go is 2.7 million, meaning a lot of people are watching. No, these aren’t network, cable or even HBO numbers, but they’re impressive for a channel not at all known for their original series. That may be changing, given their success with Banshee.

I’ve only seen the first season of Banshee, but our own Randy Dankievitch has been reviewing the second season religiously. I highly suggest you check out his reviews if you’ve missed any to date. If this is on HBO Go, then I’m going to have to ahead and catch up as soon as I’m able. And I might just start right now, in fact.

[Photo via Cinemax]

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