Cinemax Picks Up Banshee for Season Three


Cinemax seems to have a hit on its hands with Banshee. The pay-channel is trying to compete with the big boys of HBO and Showtime who have found huge success through their original programming, and up and comers like Starz with their shows like Spartacus and Black Sails.

They seem to have found their lucky charm with Banshee, best described as a harder-edged version of Justified with a bit less charm and a whole lot more blood. The second season is currently airing now, but Cinemax just announced they’ve renewed the show for season three already, apparently liking what they’ve seen with the numbers.

The show follows Lucas Hood, a criminal living under an assumed name, and an assumed job as town sheriff. He tangles with local crime bosses, but also with larger threats across the country. The show is steamy, brutal and sort of affable, all at the same time, and I’m glad to see it renewed by Cinemax here.

[Photo via Cinemax]

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