Bates Motel Gets Third Season

bates motel

I will begrudgingly admit, when I first heard about a show based on the idea of a prequel to the movie Psycho, I was kind of disgusted. I not only didn’t think it would work, but I thought it was a crappy way to ruin one of the greatest thrillers of all time. Then I actually sat down to watch the show and it hit me. This is a world ripe for back story, and the A&E people seem to be handling the source materiel with respect. So it actually makes me happy to inform you that Bates Motel gets a third season.

A&E has been pleasantly surprised with just how well received the show is and decided to stretch another ten episodes out of it for a third season. They plan on keeping the twists and turns prevalent for season three, but just what those twists and turns will be, we have no idea. After all, we are still in the early stages of season two. But the ratings have been great for this show, and so why would A&E cut the chord now. TV Line has more on the forthcoming season of Bates Motel.

Come on, admit it. You sorta thought this show wouldn’t be so great, either. You think of a TV prequel to a movie that was made decades ago for a whole different generation, and you just cannot imagine the transition to TV would be very easy to pull off. But Bates Motel does pull it off, and intends to continue to pull it off for ten more episodes come next season.

That news should make Mother very happy.

[Photo via A&E]

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