Being Human: Meaghan Rath Teases Season Three and Tonight’s Sexy Episode

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images“I definitely love being a reanimated corpse,” exclaimed beautiful Being Human star Meaghan Rath. In a rare Q&A for the show she shared, “I just felt so much more free and, ironically, alive then I have been on the show so far.”

Last week Rath (a.k.a. former ghost Sally) discussed her character’s significant change this season and how profoundly it influenced her performance. “I think that I was just a happier person on-set in general. I was smiling a lot more than I usually do just because I was so excited to be a real girl, wearing nice clothes and kissing boys and just running around. I’m so excited about what they’ve done with my character. All my expectations have been completely blown out of the water. I’m really, really happy!”

As a newly reanimated corpse Sally has a whole new world of possibilities open to her and along with making her very happy it’s also allowed Meaghan Rath to blossom too. “It’s so funny, I just want to say to everybody that I’m so happy that we can finally talk now because I feel like I was silenced for the last year. I was really missing out on a lot of things that everyone else got to do. Everybody got to talk about what was going on with their characters and I wasn’t allowed to talk about anything. So, “Hi,” now I can speak and I’m so excited.”

Sally’s new circumstance clearly made shooting this season a rejuvenating experience for Meaghan, if only for the newly acquired ability to touch her fellow cast mates, “I was as happy as Sally was to be alive and able to interact with people physically. It’s crazy how much, as characters, you appreciate the ability to touch and, as an actress, I really appreciated being able to have that physical contact just because of who these characters are. It’s funny because when I work on something else of course you can touch people, that’s just how it is and I appreciate that as an actress, but when I’m on Being Human I really appreciate it for the character because I know that they’ve been friends for so long and Sally hasn’t been able to ever touch them or feel what they feel like or even know how cold or how hot they are physically.”

Within the realm of physical contact, Sally’s romantic prospects will take a positive turn as the new season progresses. “It’s definitely a sexy season for Sally. It all starts in Episode 2 [tonight], pretty much the first thing she wants to do now that she has her body back is just go out and have a good time – basically to party and have sex with somebody. Sally is really excited to be able to throw herself into this world of the living and to sort of take advantage of all the things that she’s been missing out on for the last couple years. She never ever in a million years thought that she would have this opportunity so she’s gonna take full advantage of it, go forward and not look back. But, of course there are consequences to that as well.” Meaghan elaborated, “In Episode 2 Sally starts to understand what exactly the deal is that Josh and Nora have made with the witch and what that deal entails. She eventually sort of pieces together what she really is and it becomes about trial and error for her as she sort of pushes her limits of what she can do as a reanimated corpse. Throughout the season you’ll also start to see some romantic chemistry develop between Aidan and Sally. We never had that option before because Sally was non-corporeal and it just wasn’t gonna happen; both of the guys looked at her like a little sister. Now, here she is human or as close to human as it’s gonna get and all of a sudden it’s sort of an option. It’s like “Oh, we can do this.” The writers are so smart the way that they did it. It sort of reflects that situation in life when you have a roommate that’s a guy and you’re best friends and it never occurred to you before but all of a sudden you’re both single and it’s like, “huh, should we do this? I guess we could do this.” And, you know, maybe you’ve drank a bit too much that night and then all of a sudden it’s just this weird moment between roommates. You’re going to see a couple moments like that with Sally and Aidan this season.”

With Josh cured of his werewolf curse, Nora living in the brownstone and Sally reentering the world of the living, will the tone of the series change going forward? “Yeah, I’d say that it gets a little lighter. It’s funny because after the season premiere I read some comments online saying, “Oh my God, that was so dark.” And you know what, in the first episode there were some dark moments but this season as a whole is the funniest season that we’ve had, for sure. It definitely finds the balance between Season One and Season Two and it’s our favorite season by far. This season just feels right for us and right for the characters as well. I think everyone had to go through that deeply dark time in Season Two to get to the place that they are now.” Does Kristen Hager‘s promotion to series regular mean Being Human‘s two female characters will start spending quality time together? “Yeah, they definitely do. I think it’s something that the show was missing a little bit because, you know, I was around the guys so much we really missed out on having the girl on girl bonding moments. We do get to see a couple of those this season.”

One thing fans will surely appreciate as much as Meaghan did is seeing Sally in a fun ‘n sexy new wardrobe. Did Rath have a say in shaping Sally’s new look? “Yes. Before we started the season I had a bunch of meetings with our costume designer Janet Campbell where we both decided what Sally’s look would be and what kind of stuff she would wear. It was really important for them to involve me in what that was because I know Sally the best out of anyone. So I felt really, really lucky and I really appreciated being brought in on those conversations. Together we decided on her outfits and they’re pretty, pretty great.”

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesWhile hinting that complications arise later in the season, a couple of Meaghan’s comments raised particular concerns for Sally’s future going forward. First, since Zombies are the most famous (or infamous) form of reanimated corpse and now Sally’s a reanimated corpse, will she eventually start craving brains like they do? “Unfortunately I cannot reveal that at this time. But it does get really, really interesting.” If that wasn’t a mysteriously cryptic enough answer there’s also some heavy prosthetic makeup scenes coming up that she couldn’t talk about either. She did, however, offer this recollection of her time wearing the prosthetics. “The experience was really interesting because I’d never worked with prosthetic makeup to this extent before. So it was really, really exciting and annoying because it’s very, very time consuming. I really have incredible respect for our special effects makeup team, Edwina Voda & Erik Gosselin, who’re extremely talented and I’ve just been so inspired by them. I’ve become really close with them. So overall it was a great experience.”

When asked if she had any input into the choice of corpse that represented Sally in last week’s premiere Meaghan confided, “No, and that wasn’t a replica of my body, that was just a corpse that they had already laying around in the special effects department. It didn’t need to look like me because it was completely decomposed. I did get to see it beforehand and I thought the most disgusting part of that was my hip bone and my legs – they were so disgusting. But it’s so funny because the scene where Josh and Nora are digging Sally up and they open up the coffin revealing my dead body for the first time was shot on my birthday. So every time Sammy (Huntington) would open the coffin he sang Happy Birthday to me which was all different levels of disturbing. So that’s a good memory that I had. I also didn’t get to pick the dress the corpse was dressed in, which was a strange dress. They purposefully dressed it in something purple in homage to Episode 10 of Season Two.”

Most Being Human fans are well aware by now that the three leads are every bit as close offscreen as their characters are on the show. “Yeah, we hang out all the time off and on-set. We always hang out on weekends.” What does the trio mostly do for fun? “We usually just have dinner together. We go out to restaurants or we go to one of our places and someone will cook dinner and we just watch movies. It’s usually something really low-key. None of us are really the going out, partying type. We pretty much keep it low-key. We’ve been on vacations together. We just like hanging out and talking and eating and drinking wine.”

Something new that the stars have started doing together is live tweeting while the show airs on Monday nights. Is it something Meaghan thinks they’ll keep doing? “Well, we’ve never really done that before last week. I really experienced it for the first time when we live tweeted throughout the season premiere. It’s like we’re all sort of having a slumber party watching the episode together. It made me feel close to the fans. I’m sharing funny things that happened and they’re telling me what they think and making their own jokes, I actually really enjoyed it. I think it’s an amazing thing. I’m going to be live tweeting again for Episode 2 [tonight] and I’m sure the guys will be as well. But I’m taking over the @BeingHumanSyfy twitter handle so I’ll be running the show.”

A fun bit of life-changing news that Meaghan broke during the conference-call was that she’s expecting a new baby in her life, “I’m getting a puppy! I’ve never had a pet before so I just want to learn how to be one with my dog and be a good mommy for him. I think it’ll be a huge challenge because I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

Viewers of both the British and U.S. versions of Being Human have probably noticed their increasingly divergent paths begging the question: Is the American version now on a fully independent trajectory? “Oh yeah, 100%,” declared Rath. “I think Season One was very similar, we sort of paid our dues to the British show but we went off in our own direction in Season Two. Season Two was really, really different than the UK show and Season Three solidifies that and really speaks to the fact that we’ve done our own thing entirely. Still, there are a couple elements that end up overlapping just because we are sort of dealing with the same subject matter as the UK show but we deal with it in such a different way and with completely different outcomes because these are different people making different choices. So I think it’s safe to say that it’s entirely its own thing at this point.”

If Being Human‘s gripping season premiere impressed you Rath reassures, “It only gets better from there.” Warmly adding, “I hope people watch because it’s a great season, we’re proud of it and we all really poured our hearts into it.”

Join Sally tonight as she reenters the world as a freshly corporeal being @ 9/8c on Syfy. Don’t forget to check in at GetGlue to get this episode-specific sticker, tweet along with Meaghan and the gang and grab extra content on your iPad or Android tablets via Syfy’s awesome Sync App. This reporter suggests planning your primetime viewing around Syfy’s Powerful Mondays lineup as Being Human is conveniently sandwiched between pivotal episodes of Continuum (@ 8p) and Lost Girl (introducing Dyson’s stunning new partner @ 10p).

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