The Big Bang Theory 7.07 Review: “The Proton Displacement”

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Here’s a fun fact: Bob Newhart’s first Primetime Emmy was for The Big Bang Theory. After years of amazing work, it was his role as Professor Proton that finally sealed the deal. And it makes sense, because he is back again and his dry humor and dead pan delivery made for a great episode.

Our episode starts with the Sheldon, Leonard, and Amy having an adventure for “restock the medicine cabinet” day. Obviously a hoot. Professor Proton is standing in a line to fill a prescription when the gang see him and fall all over themselves. Amy makes a comment about wearing the same orthopedics as a celebrity. As a reminder, Professor Proton was a TV host of a Saturday morning science show that inspired them to pursue science.

Professor Proton asks Leonard to help with a new paper and Sheldon becomes upset. Sheldon tries to apologize to the Professor and ends up annoying him further. Which is what happens when you show up at someone’s house who never gave you their address. Later at the lab, Sheldon brings Bill Nye(!!!) Professor Proton makes several quips as to how Bill Nye stole some of his ideas.

A bit later, after Nye had filed a restraining order on Sheldon, Professor Proton visits Sheldon for his opinion. However, he had already hacked his email but admits that it was an inspired piece.

Raj is part of girl’s night, and Howard makes constant jokes about how he’s a girl and feminine and fits in better with them and what not. Raj finally snaps and says he feels safer to be himself when he’s with the girls and that Howards jokes really hurt. They make up but this brings me to my soapbox part of the review, it is not ok to make fun of anyone’s gender and imply that one is lesser than the other or that they are week for certain qualities. Next week is Trans* Awareness Week- do something good and be informed.

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Jess Asher is a former soldier in the US Army and current full time student in Sociology and Womens/Genders Studies. She does contributing reviews.
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