The Big Bang Theory 7.10 Review: “The Discovery Dissipation”

Jess Asher December 6, 2013 0

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After a few episodes and a holiday break, we are back to the topic of Sheldon’s discovery. The first ever sustainable super heavy metal ever discovered. I have no idea what that means! But that’s part of what I love about The Big Bang Theory is that you don’t have to be a physicist to get the physics jokes. But a metal is a chemical, which isn’t a physics thing. Sheldon sees the fact that he, as a physicist might get a chemistry Nobel Prize to be a terrible butt to the joke that is was his mistake.

I guess no one appreciates happy mistakes anymore. Isn’t that the how we got penicillin? That was sort of a big deal at the time and it was an accident. Sheldon is inconsolable and depressed so Amy brings him Wil Wheaton. Wheaton! He gives this moving, inspirational speech about how people were really mean back to him when he was on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He rose above, as we geeks are prone to do, and now considers himself a success and is a happy and accomplished adult.

After this many years, apparently Wheaton finally gets to Sheldon with advice. Sheldon decides to embrace the fame and go forth and all that jazz. Only Leonard disproves his chemical. Leonard takes away the thing he finally accepted proving that Sheldon can never be happy!

Around with Howard and Bernadette, Raj has to stay with them for a week. Turns out, Raj is a better spouse than either of the two. He does the dishes, asks about the day, and writes cute little notes for Howard in his lunch. They end up kicking him out, showing that sometimes dysfunctional relationships aren’t that bad after all. Raj ends up later counseling Sheldon and Amy’s relationship which is absolutely hilarious. Raj just recently learned to talk to woman, and now he’s a relationship expert? It was cute to see, and I’m enjoying how they are expanding Raj’s character. They’re trying different things with him, that is kind of apparent, but I like it.

What do you guys think? Is Raj going to find his place, or always be the awkward third wheel?

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