The Big Bang Theory Episode 7.11 Review: The Cooper Extraction

Jess Asher December 13, 2013 0

It’s A Wonderful Life episodes have been done before, though not recently in my memory (I’ve been known to be wrong). When Sheldon suddenly leaves for Texas, because his inability to tell people the goings on in his life makes for good twists, the gang is left thinking about what life would be like if Sheldon was never in their lives.

It starts off as a gang up on Sheldon, who makes random calls throughout as his sister is giving birth in her home, we learn that there are strict rules to trimming Sheldon’s tree. There will be no Star Wars ornaments on the same branch as Star Trek ornaments. Makes perfect sense…

Leonard would never have hooked up with Penny, if Sheldon wasn’t the glue of the gang. He never would have moved in with Sheldon so Leonard and Penny would never have been neighbors. Leonard would never have gotten to know her and worked up the guts to ask her out.

If Penny and Leonard never got together, she never would have introduced Howard to Bernadette. He would continue his awkward relationship with Raj and eventually kill his own mother because he would still live with her. Boy that kind of escalated quickly.

Penny would have ended up with one of her dumb exes and if Leonard and Raj ended up living together they would both drown their lonely sorrow in food and get fat. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen a fat suit used gag and as an adult I haven’t found fat humor funny for a while- but that’s just me.

Amy would never had met Sheldon, because it was Leonard and Howard that made the online profile which led to their meeting. She would be crying to herself over a cupcake singing happy birthday all alone. But as with anything It’s A Wonderful Life –esque, we see that Amy has also impacted Sheldon.

Like the Green Lantern Movie, Sheldon suffers through the birth of his nephew. Amy convinces him to be a good Uncle and role model and Sheldon doesn’t argue much- he actually does the nice thing. This stuns the gang a bit, and Leonard shows her Sheldon’s screen saver. It’s her(among the Hulk and Stephen Hawking) and she is floored. It’s a really sweet how they’ve all impacted each other’s lives.

I don’t normally go for such a cheesy episode, but it was really sweet. Sheldon is usually the butt of many jokes, but in the end he’s the nerd with a heart.

[Photo via Michael Yarish/Warner Bros]