The Big Bang Theory Is Most Popular Comedy Worldwide

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I knew The Big Bang Theory was popular. I knew people loved its offbeat, subversive sense of humor and likable cast. I knew it offered people a glimpse into “nerd life” they would not otherwise get.  But I had NO idea The Big Bang Theory is most popular comedy worldwide. They warned us for years but we didn’t believe, and now it is happened. What, you ask? The meek have inherited the Earth. Trust me, that is not a bad thing.

So the long and the short here is that The Big Bang Theory is most popular comedy in all the world. They came to this conclusion by judging the shows that have the highest ratings across at least three continents. In this case, Big Bang Theory is most popular comedy, easily taking the title from any other contenders. This is great news. It makes me think that the general population of nerds is much greater worldwide than I had thought, prior. This just makes me feel less alone in my nerdiness. MediaMetrie (it’s French!) has more details on the story.

So what do you think? Does The Big Bang Theory deserve to be the most popular comedy show worldwide? Take to the comments and let us know what you think.

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