Josh Peck To Join The Big Bang Theory


You guys remember Josh Peck from the cult kid’s show, Drake and Josh, right? He has actually done quite well for himself since that show ended. He also has an incredibly funny Vine account that you should follow, and has starred in a few big name movies. Anyway, it seems Josh Peck will be joining The Big Bang Theory as a potential “bad guy.” I have to admit, that is smart casting to tap the generation Y demographic who love that show and who grew up watching Drake and Josh. There is a connection here, though.

The show runner for The Big Bang Theory was one of the writers on Drake and Josh. Did we just blow your mind? We blew ours.

Josh Peck will be coming on as rival comic book store owner to Stuart, and tempers will flare when it becomes evident that Peck’s character is actually more successful. We can be pretty sure this will end in some comic hijinks. As of right now, Peck is only set to guest star in the January 9th episode of The Big Bang Theory, but you never know. Could be become a permanent fixture on the show?

Too early to know, but we will keep you informed as more emerges.

Thanks to TV Line for breaking the story.

[Photo via Gerardo Mora/Getty]

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