Big Brother 13: Dick Donato Speaks About His Early Departure

Dick Donato Exits Big Brother 13Well, folks, we finally got an answer to why Dick “Evil Dick” Donato left the Big Brother house. Sort of.

Hot off the heels of another episode of Big Brother on Sunday night, caught an exclusive video from the Big Brother 8 winner about his early, unexpected exit from the Big Brother house. However, the site crashed immediately after the video clip was released and remained that way for most of the night. Until now.

The video clip is up again at the site and Donato gave his fans the truth concerning his departure and seriously went in on the rumors and those who started the rumors (who he said could kiss his @$$) surrounding the reasons why he left the Big Brother house. For one, no one in his family was injured (which makes sense given that Daniele is still in the Big Brother house) and rumors of his brother being killed in a car accident is false given that he doesn’t have a brother. Epic fail for whoever started that one.

However, Evel Dick managed to tell his fans, haters, and the Big Brother viewing public the reasons for leaving the house… without actually telling us exactly why, which is cool and I (as everyone else should) respect that 100%. Only thing we need to know is that someone close to Evel Dick got sick unexpectedly and he left to go help them out, as any good friend would do. Out of respect to the friend’s privacy, Dick refused to comment on just what is going on with them and, seriously, you can’t help but give the man an ample amount of respect for that.

Despite apologizing to his alliance members, Daniele, CBS, and the Big Brother producers and fans, Donato did say that this was one decision he would never regret.

If you want to see the clip for yourself, Click HERE. CBS will be giving the fans a full explanation on this Wednesday’s installment of Big Brother.

So there you have it, folks. We finally know why Evel Dick Donato decided to leave the game. Now, I say we should leave the guy alone and let him tend to his business and focus our attention back on the remaining hamsters in the Big Brother house.

Source: RTVZone

  • christine

    just watched evil dick's video and appreciate and respect everything he had to say.  here's hoping that your friend remains strong and i will be praying for them.  Mr. evil dick you are a true friend and this person is so very lucky to have you in there life.  Although you will be missed your loyalty speaks volumes!  And yes, you were the only reason i watched again but will continue to do so in hopes that you may return….God bless you and your friend.

  • Marco Budgyk

    Oh please, do you think if that was the REAL reason he was leaving that everyone wouldn't just confirm it?  Tending to a 'sick friend' would be something noble and honorable that would garner sympathy from everyone, including the viewers. Come on, we're not fools.

  • Steve

    has anyone checked the arrest warrants around town? 

    • jason

      "Arrest warrants" lol, that's a good one. I figured the IRS is looking for him.

  • Angel

    HMMMMM…. I don't believe it either ….Wonder if he was dong something in the house  he should not have been doing…. Like smoking a joint …. lol

  • bb fan

    I'm a bb fan but never a fan of E.D.  However, I believe his message is sincere and I respect him for putting others above himself.  Go Danielle.

    • jason

      The only problem I have with that answer is since when did ED ever put anyone above himself…other than Danielle, of course, and that counts as himself!!


    i think that edd is the twist in the game and will be rejoing the house. just my thoughts.

  • BB SuperFan

    There's 2 possibilities here. The first (and most likely) is that his girlfriend/close friend has a terminal illness. It's not his relative because Danielle was never informed of it (in fact she wasn't even told that Dick was gone for several hours).

    The second possibility is that Dick is in trouble with the IRS and his BB winnings play a part in it.

  • Blondell Papetti

    Getting read this I thought it was really informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this post together. I as soon as again find myself spending approach to considerably time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was nonetheless worth it!

  • PJ

    Simple. Evil Dick entered the Big Brother House, took a look at the competition, realized he had no chance of winning, and QUIT.

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