Big Brother 13: It’s “Official.” You Are So Rigged.

Big Brother 13: It's "Official." You Are So RiggedDear Big Brother… What the hell happened on my TV screen tonight?

If you are clicking on this without watching tonight’s Big Brother, then please be prepared to not get a blow by blow account of what happened after the POV ceremony from last night’s episode. Instead, you will witness the rage of one Big Brother fan who has never been so upset about a television program since Buffy sacrificed herself by leaping into a portal to save her friends back in 2001. What could possibly have me that upset? I don’t even know where to begin…

First up, this entire week’s game play on Kalia’s part. Yes, I know. I applauded her for doing something bold for once by putting up two of the most powerful players in the house, but that all went to hell once Jeff read her the riot act, with Kalia flip-flopping to get back in the remaining Vets good graces.

Secondly, you have Shelly acting like the Big Brother version of Glee’s Sue Sylvester. Seriously, the woman is only missing the track suit and a little snark, but she does have Sue’s conniving and pot-stirring abilities on lock.

Then there is the eviction itself, which had the House Guests believing that keeping Rachel in the house was beneficial to them, because they didn’t want her to come back in the house “guns blazing.” To get to this logic, either faction in the house should have come to the conclusion that getting back in the house was not going to be the equivalent of throwing a pillow across a room. But silly me, I keep forgetting that we are dealing with the dumbest cast to ever reside in the Big Brother house.

You would think that the cast and crew of Big Brother couldn’t possibly make things worse than what I just listed. Then the America’s Choice vote came in and I lost my mind, my dinner, and possibly some hair off of my already low shaved head.

Allegedly, America wanted Brendon back in the game to the utter shock of everyone in the Big Brother house and most of the people on my Twitter feed, which exploded with anger when the man’s name was called. Am I saying that the viewers who populate my Twitter feed are the true voices of America? No, I’m most definitely not trying to make that claim. Just like I refuse to believe CBS’s claim that “America” truly voted to put Brendon back in the game.

“You have a serious bias against Brendon, which makes you a glorified hater!” Before anyone even let that thought cross their minds, let me reiterate my stance here: Kalia and Lawon played a horrible game in the later part of this week. That is a given. My anger is mostly stems from how it is becoming more and more apparent how bad CBS/the Big Brother producers want a Vet to win this game. Maybe even Brendon and Rachel to an extent. As Zap2it reporter Andrea Reiher so eloquently put it, the show is ‘quickly turning into the “Big Brother” version of ‘The Boston Rob Show’ we had to suffer through last season of “Survivor.” ‘ And, unfortunately, Ms. Reiher is right in that assumption and it totally sucks, because at this point, you can’t help but think that there is something going on at CBS and whatever it is smells fouler than the House Guests’ laundry after a competition.

Think about it. This twist pops into the game right after Brendon is evicted from the Big Brother house. I’m not saying that twist was never planned, but it’s hard to even believe that since it is the first time this has ever happened in the Big Brother game. Then when the twist is fully revealed to the House Guests, who does the camera focus on the most? Rachel. The way she reacted played right into the hands of how the producers wanted her to respond, which was the only thing of interest during the announcement. We barely even got to see Lawon’s “what the hell have I done?” face much, which should have been the focus, because he’s the one who shot himself in the foot. I’m telling you. Tonight’s eviction was sooooo planned on the production’s part.

Beside the fact of the Newbies pretty much laying down like doormats for the Vets to trample over from day one, the game this season has been set up for the six returning House Guest to steamroll the competition. The ‘preference’ for the Vets has become so annoyingly blatant that some most viewers have started to throw around the possibility of the show being “rigged” to some extent, which at this point I can’t help but ponder that hypothesis as well. There will never be any real ‘concrete’ proof on the matter, but if some evidence did come to light, I wouldn’t be as surprised as Lawon was when his ass was sent home tonight. Talk about a handicapped blind side… One thing I will be surprised about is if there isn’t any backlash from this ‘vote’ that happened this past week. Then again… That might not happen either. Frustrating much?

In conclusion, I won’t sit here and make a claim that I’m done with Big Brother and stop watching cold turkey. I will, however, call B.S. on tonight’s events all day everyday. And calling the “twist,” and the game at this point, B.S. is just putting it mildly really in the nicest way possible.

Your thoughts?

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  • bre

    AMEN! America voted my a#&! I can't stomach watching the show anymore with dumb and dumber still around.

    • Yolanda

      lmao good one

    • Dean

      I have been a fan of this show since season 2. No longer. I predicted this coming and told my wife if what I thinks gonna happen happens then I am done with this show. So after the whole Brendan crap (ratings ploy imo), I cursed my tv saying BB turned to BS. The logic behind some of these "moves" is 2 say mildly, "STUPID!" I will no longer watch this show as will some others, hopefully many others. This whole show has had a stench from the beginning when Shelley and Kalia voted out Keith, which then led to Cassie's demise, going from the original plan of the newbies.

      • Laurie

        I,too was disappointed when Kalia and Shelly voted against Keith. The newbies should have tried harder during competitions and stick together, but they didnt. If Rachel or Brendon wins the pot, and CBS air their wedding, I would not watch it. Totally sick of the duo…

    • Teceem

      First if all what is up with the vets thinking they are entitled to be in charge? Shelly omg she is just playing for Jeff and Jordan to win? Kaila what the hell? And not voting Rachel out this is honestly the first big brother I have not liked. I don't understand the so called newbies worship of the vets I am so so annoyed Danielle seemed to be the only one really playing and not expecting the I hate saying this the newbies to bow down to her and even Jordan so sweet as every says don't mess with her and Jeff why not? I don't even want to watch the episode somehow it didn't tape an old criminal minds taped went to watch online and saw your post this is I agree the worst cast ever.

  • Rich E.(NY)

    There is one reason, and one reason only why Brendon was voted back into the house. The overwhelming popularity of Jeff & Jordan. No matter what message board or website you check or read they are the 2 most popular players in this season, probably would be in any season, people love them. There fans read into the obvious that Brendon would come back into to house as an ally to Jeff & Jordan. Also he would be a sworn enemy of Danielle who Jeff & Jordan fans aren't to pleased with. Brendon & Rachel need to thank those two that are reunited once again.

  • umm

    Rigged? Every poll, and I mean every single one I saw had Brendon winning by not a slim margin but a WIDE one, I am not sure if maybe people wanted to see him battle Rachel if she happened to get evicted or what. But really the only people to blame are Dani/Kalia for thinking of up this dumb plan, what idiots!! It would have been Rachel vs Brendon if the other side of the house had any brains in this game. Your opinion and your twitter feed aren't the only ones you know

    • Mark O. Estes

      Polls are just that. Polls. They don't account for the majority of votes and are easily manipulated. Like I stated in my opinion piece, I know my feels along with those of my Twitter feed are NOT the end all say all of America's voice. The show, however, is clearly playing up th Brenchal romance to the fullest. The only thing they didn't do to further prove this fact was not air the Big Brother wedding that took place last week. Now, I do agree that people probably voted for him to compete against Rachel to some extent, but even if that was the case Brendon would have probably folded since he wouldn't want to go against Rachel like that. I'm just putting out there as I see it from my standpoint.

      • Chris

        Well you do realize that the vote for who would return was a POLL, right? Yet you try to brush off all of the identical POLLS conducted by various sites that had Brendon returning. You would fit right in with the Kalia-Dani alliance with that logic.

        • Mark O. Estes

          No offense, but did you read my reply? Or were you responding to the person above me? Either way read again what I said about POLLS. I can set up a poll right now from Poll Daddy and chose to either take set it up for repeat votes or not. Just because it is a POLL or a sea of POLLS doesn't mean they can't be manipulated by repeat voters.

      • jake

        the poll was rigged 2 million people voted brenden was said to get over 1 million dominic was close according to julie and i heard a lot of people wanting cassi back in and have heard she was close to dominic half a million is not close and lawon didnt try in the competion hes not stupid he wouldnt say evict me without being paid by cbs

    • Katie

      Morty's actually had people wanting Cassi back. Jokers had Cassi over Brendon in ranking this week

      • Robbie

        Mortys had Brendon 3rd!

  • umm gtfo

    Are you serious? If the polls are legit then Americans or the majority of the people of this show are completely stupid. What do you think will happen now with Brendan in the house? more HOH wins until everyone else is gone?

    The game has become so predictable, and im happy many people are going to stop watching. And Umm, its easy to make decisions about how the game should be played when you are watching it from your television screen, so please stfu and calling people brainless when you are the only idiot here.

    • Carolyn

      People were not being idiots they were simply stirring the pot to cause controversy in the house. Just like when they vote for the nastiest food choices for the have nots…just causing an upset in the house. It makes for great entertainment!

      • Mark O. Estes

        Not I, Carolyn. I try to give them the most edible of the choices cause I would want someone to do the same for me, lol.

  • Biggie

    The one thing I am trying to figure out, that raises major questions for me, is how was the vote "close." Julie said that Brendon won by a narrow margin with over a million votes, but shortly before mentioned there were just over two million votes. Does this mean Cassie and Keith received no votes and Dominic had the other half. The math doesn't add up to me. Close in my twisted mind would be Brendon 1.2 mil. and Dom 1.1 mil.; add that up and you have over two million to leave Cassie and Keith not even getting the scraps from the kiddie table.

  • Nelle

    The game is not rigged. How would BB know that the newbies would be stupid enough not to get out a strong player. There are so many senarios. Jeff could have very well loss the veto. Jeff would have probably been voted out. Plus Lawon had a fair chance at winning that comp. He just sucked. I voted for Brendon to come back in the game. I honestly thought he would go up against Rachel, but I felt like he could help Jeff and Jordan more in the game. (My favorites in the house). I was shocked that Dom didnt come back in the game. I thought for sure it would be him over Brendon. Oh well

    • MS

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think they announced the twist until after the Nominations. I could buy most of it up until Brendan won the vote. I agree, the math doesn't add up. The biggest issue I have with a fix, is that they didn't announce the winner of the vote until AFTER the Eviction, meaning – BB could put anyone they wanted back in that would cause the most drama, ie ratings. I disagree that Rachel knew. They focused on her drama face when they announced a competition. But, when they said it would be against the winner of 'Americas' vote, her face went whiter than normal and blank – Rachel herself even knew there was no way Brendan could win that vote.

  • Nelle


  • bb01

    Brendon coming back in SUCKS. I cant believe "America" would vote for him. Can the game just return to what it was circa seasons 2-6 please? Alison Grodner has turned the show into a different kind of competition than what it was when there was a different producer. Now it's all about being "America's Favorite" cause everyone knows that will get you ahead in the game with these BS twists.

  • TV-TD

    I work for a group of CBS stations…and, (insert Hulk Hogan voice) "Brother, you are right on the money". This week was absolutely rigged / influenced / coordinated by BB production.

  • Michael

    I think the fans being so split regarding whether Cassi or Dominic should be let back was bad. It was mainly people wanting the drama, (and what I consider pure annoyance) of Brendon returning, vs., many different viewpoints of why Cassi and Dominic deserved to come back more, and how attractive they are depending on different sexual orientations. I believe the majority opinion of not bring Brendan back, was divided between the other options of likable human beings.

  • Milla26

    Am I taking crazy pills or did they just reunite the two sociopaths that America has been hoping would leave sooner than later? Dominic, the awesome home-schooled, well-spoken, highly adaptable individual that he is, has totally been ripped off to give Brendan and Rachel a third chance at this game. Rigged! Rigged! Rigged! The only thing that has kept me tuning in to the show was the idea that Dani had a fighting chance and more recently the knowledge that America would most likely bring back Dom or Cassie. Now all that's left to watch is Brendan condescending and bullying anyone who has an original thought and touting his pending PHD in egomania, Jordan's complacent "I already won anyway" attitude, Rachel's embarrassing manic episodes, Shelly brazenly playing both sides, and Kalia's incessant compulsive chatter. I can't WAIT to see more of petty "Brenchel" playing the martyr, woe is me card again and again and again. By the way, have you heard they were engaged!? BARF. There's something to say about a couple who so desperately needs their relationship validated by complete strangers. Screw you CBS. Kudos to Dominic and Dani for keeping it real.

    • PT2


      • Yolanda

        I wonder what would happen if everyone unliked Big Brother's site on Facebook…well I did…I can't stand it anymore

  • Shelley

    I agree 100% with everything you said. Shelly especially annoys the hell out of me. But yeah, it is totally rigged…

  • Jose

    The show is obviously rigged. I can't imagine why anyone would vote for Brendan. Not only are he and Rachel two of the least popular contestants in the history of the show but it seriously unbalances the show. There's not a reason to want him back unless you just want to a very boring show. The couples have too much power now and will knock everybody else out easily. The end of the show may be near if CBS keeps screwing with it lke this.

  • Carolyn

    Not rigged!! America voted this way as America loves stirring the pot. Kolia is a total bore and America hates her. Domenic was kicked out because he tried to be greedy and make a side alliance with Shelly who in turn blabbed to the vets. Had Domenic played it cool, he'd still be in the house and the target would not be on Dani's back. He didn't deserve to come back. Keith is unknown. Cassie would have been the only other logical choice. Although she is a lovely person, she is not as entertaining as Brendon and Rachel together.(even if Brendon and Rachel make you want to puke, they still are 100 times more enjoyable that lame-ass Adam) After seeing Kolia in power, crying and kissing ass to Jeff during Veto it became only natural to want to piss her off and make an even bigger fool of her. Voting went on until yesterday at which point Lawon had volunteered himself to go home aka "get the super powers". Anticipating the return of Brendon and the failure of Lawon made this the best episode of the season. GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!!

  • Janet

    I voted for Brendan as many times I could each day because I think it is hilarious when they are both in the house. How can it be any more entertaining without Brendan and Rachel?? IT CAN'T! but that is just my opinion :)

    • Carolyn

      I totally agree!! The most entertaining choice :)

  • Rig

    I'm so disgusted…. seriously…. CBS you need to hire somebody to probe the social networks…. you guys missed the mark on this one…. I agree 100% with Milla26…. well said…. rig rig rig…. o by the way, it was so obvious with Rachel's long stare with her mouth wide open faking a surprise look….. she already knew he was coming back….

  • Josh

    AWWW poor you big brother fans things arent going in your favor so you guys throw little fits almost as worst than rachel's fits on TV!!!

    People that scream rigged when a show has a certain outcome are just stupid imo.

  • Antonio

    I notice people who are fans of Dani/Dom are generally more negative & offensive in their comments. They go on websites and post nasty comments about the houseguests that they hate. Whereas Brendon/Rachel fans are more quiet & rarely say anything, probably in fear of being attacked by a Dani/Dom fan…

  • Justin

    every unofficial poll for big brother sites had cassi leading. Don't know what dream world that person is living in that said brendon was winning them all.

  • Jojo

    I used to wait anxiously for Big Brother to come on every summer. After last night, I refuse to watch this season. Who in the world would have wanted Brendon back in this game. I have to leave the room when he and Rachel start their pathetic-ness. And having the veterans back? Bad idea-uneven playing field. It soo should have been Domenic back in the game and it would have made the teams much more even and interesting to watch. No more watching this show this summer as long as Rachel and Brenden are on.

  • Yolanda

    I have to agree with this. I love the way you wrote this Mark…very nicely put. I think that ppl want to take things personal and is not about that. I think that the regular human being wants to watch a show that gives them that "entertainment" but this show is not entertaining is just straight up B S. I have to say that I will stop watching cold turkey because last season the reason why I continued watching was because Ragan was the only cast member to place Rachel where she belongs (in the trash). I cannot imagine her being this shallow and emotionally out of control in real life but if she is I feel bad for America for allowing this to be a part of our weekly lives just because they think "this B S is good drama". I am totally disgusted with the way things played out. I am disappointed because ppl call the two of them good competitors and I have yet to see good competition out of them instead they are a pair of two year olds that most likely have daddy and mommy issues, or issues of abandonment. Whatever the case I don't need to watch a repeat of my son's nursery with big ass grown ppl. Those two need a psychiatrist PRONTO and America needs to vote on that!

  • http://RoadRunner Wanda

    How did Rachel get by with yelling to Bryndon which color ball he needed? That's big time cheating! We aren't enjoying watching these sociopaths either and have now signed off. Who does Jeff think he is going around yelling and threatening anyone on how they vote? Adios,

    Big Brother.

    • Teceem

      I agree adios I am done.

  • Anthony

    I dont know if its true too but i saw on facebooks cbs feed people were saying that lawon was offered 25,000 to offer to go home and basically quit.I believe it but i wasnt the one to make it up i just saw this on fb last night

  • Dean

    Well, I guess BB Producers got what they wanted…

  • Dean

    Dean says:

    August 12, 2011 at 10:29 amI have been a fan of this show since season 2. No longer. I predicted this coming and told my wife if what I thinks gonna happen happens then I am done with this show. So after the whole Brendan crap (ratings ploy imo), I cursed my tv saying BB turned to BS. The logic behind some of these “moves” is 2 say mildly, “STUPID!” I will no longer watch this show as will some others, hopefully many others. This whole show has had a stench from the beginning when Shelley and Kalia voted out Keith, which then led to Cassie’s demise, going from the original plan of the newbies.

  • Tim

    I feel bad for Dani–hate Jeff but would love to see him nominate kalia cause she deserves it. shelly is so nasty—why would someon play to help jeff and jordan win. it doesn't make sense. i read on another blog someone called her a "deep fried" geena davis–great, huh?

  • Randomperpie

    Brendon winning wouldn't have completely suprosed me if he won 33-35% of the vote, but when looking at all the unofficial polls that had Cassi or Dom in the lead, I find that Brendon winning over 50% of te vote fairly impossible. I mean, sure. There's the (very few) people that actually like Brenchal, there's the people that don't like Dani, there's the people don't like the decisions Kalia made this week, as there's the people that thought Rachel would get evicted and wanted to see Brenchal compete against each other (probably the majority of Brendon voters). I don't see how that makes up 50%. If that were true, and Dom was close behind, that means that Cassi got next to nothing, which everyone knows she didn't.

  • Trish

    I'm not gonna watch because it's going to become predictable. I want to someone other than the vets to win and that's not what's going to happen. The newbies are just rolling over letting the vets control them and none of them are stepping up to the plate! The newbies just want to make it to jury which is so ridiculous. I want Shelly to win HOH then backstab Jeff and Jordan. That would just make for interesting TV. And I know for a fact that I voted for Cassi 3 times and Dominic 7 times. And Kalia was dumb for letting Jeff get to her, she should've just put up Jordan because then Rachel would've definitely got evicted and she would've had to fight against Brendon. And I'm sick of the BB13 show being the Brenchel show. All Brendon does is berate Rachel, tell people about his PhD and be arrogant. Then Rachel just cries and has an annoying voice. Rachel is more bearable than Brendon alone but when they're together, it makes it so worse. And maybe people voted for Brendon assuming Rachel was getting evicted but I don't know all I can do is speculate.

  • Robbie

    Here is my honest take on what happened.

    CBS had 2 potential senarios ready to take place.

    (1) Lawon gets voted out then Julie says Brendon won americas vote. (Which is what happened)Those 2 battle which is an easy win for Brendon.

    (2) Rachel gets voted out then Julie says Dominic won americas vote and those 2 battle. CBS didnt want Rachel and Brendon to battle because one would have thrown it and their "big twist" would have been bad TV.

    If it was rigged (which I think it was) CBS never intended on Rachel and Brendon going against each other. Every forum and projection I saw leading up to thursday had Brendon slighty behind Cassi and those 2 behind Dom. America loved Dom and was sick of Brenchal (according to everything I read).

    Either way…. Dani and Kalia, stick to the PLAN! Dont let a twist dictate your gameplay when youre not exactly sure what the twist is. I promise you had Rachel been voted out it would have been Dom and her to see who leaves.

  • Perry Seamans

    Big brother is completely rigged.

    The fact that Brendon was voted back in makes no logical sense. Second,lawon wouldn't have simply "volunteered" to go home like he did that makes no sense.

    The moves people make in the game make no sense. The game is rigged for ratings it's not real … there may be "real aspects"

    Polls clearly stated that Cassi was in the lead followed by Dominic then Brendon…

    there is no point in watching the show it's all setup

  • Drek

    Everyone on all the message boards, forums and YouTube videos and crying out for Cassi or Dominic (mostly Dominic) but no one wanted Brendon. NO ONE, spare a few weirdos who wanted to see him compete with Rachel THAT'S IT.

    It disgusts me how this show has become all about drama and not about fair play. They not only rigged this competition, they obviously rigged the vote of who America wanted back in the house. Dr Will and Mike Boogie probably had the most votes, but they didn't get in despite being an option to vote for on the website.

    P.S Dani won HoH after Brendon came back (smugface) so hopefully it's just deja vu of two weeks ago and he gets kicked out again.

  • aaronite_1

    Let's not forget that the first 4 evictees were sequestered since week one – that could not have been part of a plan to bring Brendon back as soon as he was evicted?

    If it was, then the whole show would have to be scripted.

  • Jackie

    My theory is that CBS wants either Brendon or Rachel to win, so they can use the money for a wedding and CBD can air it on TV.

    Do, I believe the show is rigged – absolutely. I never did before, but this season I do.

    And BB obviously thinks we are stupid to believe the "strategy" that Lawon came up with. It made no sense, and was NOT believable. I wonder how much they paid him to take the fall so they could orchestrate what they wanted to accomplish.

  • Cathy

    WHINERS…. Holy cow, really! I voted for Brendon 10 times. Why? Because Keith, useless. Cassie, plain out didn't like her. Especially with the whole Porsche thing. Dominic… Well see, I don't like Daniele. So he partnered with her, so I don't like him. He acts like he is this entitled person. And Dani… Didn't like her in season 8 and care even less for her now. IF, and that's a HUGE IF… She would actually be shall we say a gracious winner, which she wasn't then or now, then maybe I would care. But hearing her talk about PT all the time, is sad. She knew the guy for 3 or 4 weeks. Her whining over him, is ridiculous. Rachel whining about Brendon is more justified since they are emotionally connected. The newbies have done almost nothing! Sure if it was a cast of all newbies, then we would see them stepping up and doing something. As for the twist… America knew this was coming. We knew the evicted houseguests were sitting on ice, minus Evel Dick. So stop acting all shocked and shaken over this. If Dominic was voted back in, the same people whining over Brendon's return, would be all high fiving each other over the return of Dominic.. And for those complaining… Well lookie who won HOH.. Daniele, again. If the show is rigged, its rigged for her benefit. She probably cried and complained in the Diary room AGAIN… And the HOH was geared for her to win, AGAIN. (Yes, I know she said she didn't want to win this week… But her nemesis Brendon is back… So her game changed.)

    As for the Veto comps. That I would have to agree to show all the chips first. I have been watching since Season 3, but back then everyone played. They need to either go back to the all play or show the chips.

    • Mary

      I so agree with you, Cathy! I believe the show has been rigged in the past, and is now rigged for Danielle. Allison G., the producer of Big Brother, was quoted in TV Guide, that she picked Danielle as the probable winner. It seemed that Kalia won last weeks' hoh by answering questions that were barely out of Julie's mouth (if at all). It's hard to believe that each season, only certain houseguests win the most crucial competitions. The production team is giving houseguests hints and planting ideas in their heads, about who to nominate and evict. Everyone should compete in the veto competitions, also.

      • Cathy

        The other thing I find hysterical is how people are calling it the Rachel/Brendon show. Really? If that were the case, Rachel being HOH twice, would have gotten her interview with Julie Chen during those times. So far, she is the only HOH who hasn't. And for those who watch the feeds or BBAD, you all know about Rachel and Brendon's white trash wedding. It never aired. So enough. Maybe if the newbies ACTUALLY did something interesting, the show would be more about them. How many times do we have to watch Shelly smoke or clean? Or Porsche lay around, shuffle her feet when she walks, or talk about how she needs to look good to work with producers later on? Or Kalia who can not just shut up? And Adam… He does well nothing. Allison G. wants Dani to win. Point, blank, simple. She is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Dani is once again sitting in those two chairs for finale night. And on other boards I read, people were being critical of Rachel for her following Dani. Do we need a rewind button to season 8 of what Dani's own father did to houseguests and she thought it was hysterical? She is so hypocritical.

  • Rodger

    What a sham, the producers of this formerly entertaining program have remade it into the Brandon and Rachal show, now doubt who will walk away with the money. I for one am fed up and will not watch this fake any longer. Worse thing I have seen on TV in a long, long time.

  • Tammy Ranalli

    Very diappointed with this season, they should have left the vets for a all star season. After Brendon came back in last night i am done for the season, i will continue to watch future seasons but my guilty pleasure of the summer is OVER.

  • Mandy N=M.

    I've watched every episode of every season. Well, I also have a sour taste in my mouth this season. Did anyone else notice that Kalia answered questions correctly before the question was even remotely complete. The first question was something like "in the . . .competition which player referred"-then she answered correctly. I immediately thought "eww", so did my relatives around the country.

    Then, all this! In previous seasons it has seemed like maybe they steered things by giving certain types of competitions to the people who would most provide ratings, but now???

    Did Evil Dick really leave for a good reason, or was it just to get Danielle in there with the appearance of fairness? What is the deal with all these sudden switches and perfectly timed HOH wins? In past seasons, there would always be an unexpected HOH win here and there, as there would be statistically.

    For the first time, the whole thing seems scripted, planned and "produced". Bummer!

  • Jarrett

    This is the end of the line for me. As soon as the twist was announced i said "if brendan somehow makes his way back in and rachael doesnt leave, it's rigged." This is total bull. I hope everyone boycotts this and starts watching pro wrestling or something. That's even more real than this show nowadays.

  • Sherri

    Predicted it. Rigged. Done watching for the summer. Brenden/Rachel simply disgusting. CBS underestimates fans if they think we believe Lawon "volunteered" to leave. Seriously CBS?

  • Ophelia

    OMG I hate Brendon & Rachel & about ready to quit watching after watching every season since the first. WTH they were put on in the first place is beyond me. I almost didn't start in the first place because they irritate the crap out of me. I almost wanted Brendon to come back BECAUSE I thought they house would be smart enough to vote Rachel out. I wanted them to have to battle eachother & STILL be apart. THAT is what I wanted. Otherwise I really wanted to see Dom come back. I hate how childish the Vets have been all season & a constant case of the pot calling the kettle black. They throw their weight around, threaten & intimidate & act the whole time like they don't know why they have an "unfair" target on their backs. I am even soooo completely over any affection I had for JeJO as they have acted like total bullies in recent weeks & that is pathetic. I literally planned to quit watching until I heard that Dan i got HoH this week. THAT I will watch. Otherwise I would be totally done with it all. Maybe she will pull it out of the crapper after all. I hope she puts op Brenchel again & again he saves Rachel as watching her be miserable is the only time it is nice to see her. She is constantly telling others not to cross her & promising things she never plans to keep & then whining that she is a target – well no S&*^ Sherlock that is what happens when you are a conniving snake in the grass.

  • lisa

    Danielle even said on BBAD that she had 2 buddies that were giving her clues to ALL up coming HOH and vetos that is why she is now HOH and she gave Porsha all the clues and thats why she came in 2nd! so that isn't fair at all! Thats what you call rigged for Danielle to win…

  • Tom

    I feel that in fact Daniele and thus Dominic would have been america's choice except that some of us remember Evil Dick being concerned with Dani's infatuation with Nick in season 8 and with it distracting her from her "game". That plus the fact Dani took over the game for the (now) going on three weeks of play since Dom left stalemated me– obviously I didn't want Brendon but Dom?? Hummm. Cassie eye candy?? And I ended up not voting- just "letting it play out" and I was shocked to hear my sister who has been following closely didn't vote either… she thought Dom was a sure thing though! I hope Dani finds out or figures out Brendon or Rachel America's favorite over her? I don't think so! It was just a tricky situation and we were try to help her by not helping her?! Good luck Dani! Maybe you can inspire Porsche to win HOH next week! (Maybe skip Kalia this time – though she did, at least, keep you safe for a week?!).

  • old bb fan

    I've read thru these posts, and agree that "America's vote" was rigged…i never vote for these things, and did this time just to ensure that Brendon didn't win…I'm sure many others did too…so that's waaaay more votes than usual. It was rigged and I want my ten bucks back…what a waste of everyone time…

  • old bb fan

    I've read thru these posts, and agree that "America's vote" was rigged…i never vote for these things, and did this time just to ensure that Brendon didn't win…I'm sure many others did too…so that's waaaay more votes than usual. It was rigged and I want my ten bucks back…what a waste of everyone's time…

  • Bill Hatfield

    I have watched every episode since the first season. Haven't missed a single one. Tonight I will be watching and taking notes on advertisers. I will then contact them, telling them that I am stopping watching the CBS network in most cases, will boycott and actively promote boycotting any product I see advertised on Big Brother. All this because CBS has rigged the show, using the methods listed in previous replies, including rigged national voting, no verification of all names being in the POV bag, the answers being delayed sometimes, to give the producer a chance to choice the "correct" choice, and the fact that in the last competition, she was answering questions before they were finished. Rachel is a bad actress and her "shock" with the wide open mouth was obviously contrived, and probably more towards the "reward" she planned on giving Brendan later in the evening.

    Sorry about the last crass moment, but we have to put up with 3 hours of crass manipulated behavior. Tonight, for me, it ends.

  • Yvette

    I have been a fan of Big Brother since season one and always look forward to it every summer. I think this season has been the most awful, predictable, scripted, rigged piece of "reality" television that I've ever had the misfortune to watch. There is absolutely no way on the face of the earth that Brendon was voted back in as America's choice. I can not stand to watch the two of them and have even gone off Jeff and Jordan who I really liked in their own season. Repeats in this game stink! We want new people, new stories and ORIGINAL interaction. I'm going to give it a few more episodes and if things keep going the same way I think it will be the end of the line for Big Brother as far as I'm concerned. I think you can tell just by the number of people making comments here that most people DID NOT vote for Brendon. I know that this isn't an official random sampling, but just about everywhere that I've seen people commenting the general consensus is that most people didn't vote for Brendon. If Big Brother producers think having antagonists on the show make it more interesting they are sorely mistaken. At least if the antagonists are Brendon and Rachel. Get some new "bad guys or girls" on the show! I know there are plenty out there! I'm just so frustrated and disappointed with what up until this season was my favorite show on television!

  • Adam

    I like at the end of the show how Lawon quietly left the yard and Julie didn't even talk with him.

  • MJ

    This is ridiculous, to say that there is no possible way Brendon would be voted back is insane, do you all think that the online commenting/blogging contingent is the only one that watches the show and votes? Have you also not considered the idea that maybe there were just a bunch of Brendon uber-fans who voted 10 times online plus 10 through text msg, making 20 votes for one of them and if enough of them do that it provides a huge amount of votes in his favour? Also, viewers in Canada may not hate him as much and they can also vote online, just not through text msg. At the end of the day, even if CBS did influence the voting (which I'm not saying they definitely didn't, maybe they did) this is the business world which is completely results-oriented, results in this case being what makes them money. It's unfortunate, I agree, but let's see what you would really do if it was your show and potentially your show on the line to keep being renewed each year by CBS, and if it was your money or lack thereof to make on the investments into the show, you don't know what you would or wouldn't do to save all of that if you felt it was in jeopardy. They can continue to cover themselves knowing that, like this article states, there is no way of ever concretely confirming any rigging, perhaps unless direct employees sell them out someday, which I'm sure they're under some strong oath not to do. You can not watch, that's your choice, if you feel that 'what's the point?' if it's rigged, but you can't blame a network for trying to do what's best for their ratings.

  • MJ

    Also, many of the viewers/voters only see the super-edited tri-weekly episodes so they don't get subjected to Brenchel's insanity 24/7 like the live feed viewers do, and from what I have caught of the live feeds myself, Rachel's a lot more normal there and Brendon a lot less of a bully, more confirmation that CBS asks them to play up their 'TV personas' as villains for the show, in the DR, etc, so that's what they can air. Furthermore, some people actually like, for lack of a better term, messed up sh*t, how else do you explain Jerry Springer's success or at least past success, American viewers sometimes enjoy watching things they can shake their heads at, so maybe you only have yourselves to blame, not all viewers are as intelligent and level-headed as most of you on here. Lastly, whoever said Brendon garnered more than half of the votes? CBS's website shows he won with 39% to Dominic's 31%, Cassi 28.5% and Keith 1%…

  • MJ

    Sorry one more thing…many Jeff & Jordan fans would likely have voted Brendon back in hopes of another player to go after Dani, if not, then at least minimize the size of the target on Jeff's back. I for one threw Brendon 10 votes for this very reason, and threw 10 more to Cassi because she'd side with Shelly, who are on Jeff and Jordan's side. Some would say I canceled out my own voting, but I threw 10 each and said 'Let's see what happens', Dom (as some of you feel America loved, but more than Jeff? Probably not) would've been sure to go right back to Dani so there was no chance of me voting for him even though I liked him, and I'm sure a lot of Jeff fans thought the same.

  • JB

    As soon as I saw Brendon win his way back into the house, I stopped the recording, deleted it, went into my tivo settings and removed Big Brother from the recording schedule.

    Either that voting was rigged or…. eff you "other side" of America! You guys are masochistic something serious. I mean…vote Cassie back in to join with Shelley and Jeff and Jordan..anything but Brendon. I mean…really?


  • MJ

    @JB…now that Brendon's back and threw Jeff under the bus I'm pretty much wishing my other 10 votes came through and we did see Cassi back lol…but yeah that's why I voted for her too…only thing Brendon would have over her is a stronger chance to win competitions, but that's no good if he's using them against Jeff and not with him…all I know for sure is if Dom came back I wouldn't be on here calling rig or complaining about it, I actually kept telling myself "Watch it be Dom"…I was ready for that scenario

  • SG

    Every "unofficial" poll on numerous websites had either Cassi or Dominic as the front runners to return. Both were the top two. If there were roughly 2 million votes and Brendan received over 1 million with Dominic a close second, than Cassi would have hardly any votes at all. It is mathematically impossible. This show is so rigged!!!!!! I AM DONE WITH CBS!!!!!

  • MJ

    Polls can be manipulated for whatever reason that website owner wants, maybe they wanted Cassi or Dominic back and thought that would help rally support, like you said, "unofficial". Secondly, there are tons of viewers who don't visit these sites with the unofficial polls let alone vote in those polls, they either text msg their vote in, or they don't dig any deeper than and vote there. How many american moms or dads out there watch and aren't computer savvy, you think they go to unofficial websites? And Brendon could have received say 1,001,000 votes, which would be just over 1 million as they said, Dominic could've had 750,000 and you may not consider that a close 2nd but they can justify that, and Cassi could've had as many as 500,000 votes which isn't far behind, they said roughly 2 million, it's not spot on and could very well be over, if it's say 2.2 million votes then it's fair to say "roughly 2 million". Lastly, I find it funny how everyone attacks CBS for this alleged rigging and nobody says anything about Endemol or Allison Grodner who run the show. CBS is just the network giving it airtime, and yes, they likely tell the organizers that if ratings are low you run the risk of us not airing this show next season, but probably have little to say about the methods chosen to actually attempt to grab ratings. If 'they' believed Brendon's return would be good for ratings it was most likely Endemol/Grodner's decision. CBS has a lot of shows I don't think they have time to sit down and discuss each houseguest and each scenario for just one show.

  • sayno2cbs

    It is rigged. I said if brendens voted back ill know its rigged,when it did happen we turned the channel. Dumb dumb dumb. Every1 ive asked HATES bre den so i know its rigged by all that and the twitters,blogs and viewers feedback. Stupid cbs….get a clue. Your going to get nothing in the long run with this dumb ploy. Your losing ratings by this and it would be wise to learn from it. Liars are not respected. Your precious BB is the raunchel beatden titantic.

  • londa

    I agree i have been watching bb since season 1 and since Allison Groder got there its been nothing but rigged, This season is the Jeff and Jordan show, Dani HOH was a mess and now porche HOH is a mess, Seem like everytime they have the numbers bb pull some rigged mess out the hat like Porche and Pandora Box…Something good,something bad for the whole house,,lol..not this time,PORCHE WIN 10.000 and had to pick a houst guest to split it with THE GOOD …The BAD is production picked pairs to play veto..Rachel-Jordan…Shelly-Adam…Porche-Kalia hahahaha REALLY…They played veto today and GUESS WHAT RACHEL AND jORDAN WINS VETO…OMG !!!! AND THEY ARE NO LONGER ON THE BLOCK…And lets not forget Dani the VETO Queen in her season that didnt too much get a chance to play VETO..Its all rigged and they have proved it to me….Cheating as you go, putting twist in the game that Julie didnt tell us about….IM DONE WATCHING THIS SEASON…

  • londa


  • Jean

    I didn't really believe the show was rigged until this Pandora's Box twist, when the show went back to pairs for the week and J/R are now BOTH SAFE!! Porsche's HOH was a big WASTE and now probably Shelly's going and J/R have a very good chance to win. Jordan's won already, she shouldn't be so selfish as to compete again. I now believe 100% that the show is rigged!!

  • Kevin

    Let's see, Brendon gets voted out and the very next week they bring someone back from eviction. Brendon wins by a landslide and whoops an easy opponent, Lawon (granted, he's a moron for putting himself up).

    There has been NO Pandora's Boxes (NONE!) until this week when Rachel and Jordan are hanging by a thread, thanks to an enemy HoH winning yet again. The "prize" is chump change money prize in exchange for a miracle pass to J/R giving them the chance to BOTH get off the chopping block. Of course, they win veto. Furthermore, Adam gets paired with Shelly, so we all know who is going home this week. Next week, Porsche can't compete, Adam's a complete tool whose only goals are to help the veterans win and wear bacon t-shirts, and we're left up to hoping that Kalia can beat two experienced veterans who have won plenty of HoH competitions.

    If they don't eliminate all veterans, the heavy-veteran jury will vote for the veteran(s) that are left. After this week, it will be 2 veterans in a total of 5 players, meaning the veterans have to be sent packing in the next two evictions or one of them will make it.

    There is absolutely, positively NO WAY that the producers didn't know what they were doing when they did this. This was planned exactly to give the game back to the veterans. They should've given Porsche more than what they did, since they essentially robbed her and the others of their chances to win.

    I'm starting to hope this show gets canceled.

  • Steve

    There is no question in my mind that BB is rigged. The Pandora Box would not have been used, more than likely, if Jordan or Rachel won HOH. It is very apparent that they want a Vet to win. They didn't want Jeff gone, that is for sure. This is not just a reality show, it is a game show, and money is involved. To me, it seems that standards and practices have been violated by the Production company. "Twist" is just another name for production to interfere in the game. I have lost my affection for BB over the years, and to be honest, BB13 is the worst of any of them. BB needs a new production company to put life into this show. As it is now, the show is dead. I want the show to play out without interference. That will never happen again. CBS should really consider canceling this fiasco.

  • shane

    I agree. NO Pandora Box until now…Rigged. Also, I think Rachel and Brendon must be planted actors, how could real people be so cheesy sick.

    Rigged. Definitely.

  • John

    Totally agree with everyone that this season is totally RIGGED. I cannot believe how the competitions for VETO and HOH favour Rachel!!! Come on!!! I think that the reason they are trying to get Racel to win is because she is a basketcase and seriously has some psychological issues. Viewers must have really hammered the producers early on, wondering how they let this bipolar pyschological nutbag Rachel play!! She is so unstable and yet she is on her way to win half a million bucks because maybe they are afraid of lawsuits, who knows!!

    Give me a break!!

  • Mike

    CBS has Jordan and Rachel's names written on the check all they have do is write in the dollar amounts.

    To bad the hgs signed a wavier and can't sue CBS for this con show.

  • John

    What many of the rigged conspiracy theorists fail to take into account is that just because a certain challenge is chosen by Grodner to sway the advantage toward one player, doesn't mean that it will have that desired outcome.

    Take the POV comp, I've read all over the net how it was chosen for Rachel to win when the truth is any one of those people holding onto those dummies could have won it if they had only worked through the pain and hung on.

    This is not rigging.

    Rigging would have been if Jeff's was the only ball pit to contain two clown shoes while everyone else only had one, that's rigging, if anything the only thing Grodner is guilty of is favoritism but again the outcome of a comp is not guaranteed to go the way Grodner wants it to go.

    Pandora's Box? Porsche chose to open it of her own free will, she didn't have to open it so you can blame greed, not Grodner, on that one. Coaching and instructing the HG's in the DR? Glorified suggestions and there isn't a thing wrong with that as the HG's have the freedom to choose whether or not to heed them or ignore them.

    It's only natural for production to want to stir things up to make it fun to watch and that's what they're doing there.

    Bottom line is this, Grodner wants people in there to get ratings and she will try, **TRY**, to do that as best she can without blatantly rigging comps that can then only have ONE POSSIBLE OUTCOME (ie one particular winner) and so far I've seen no evidence of that.

    Production is guilty of favoritism, they are guilty of trying to maintain the strong ratings this season has brought them they are NOT, however, guilty of out right rigging. Do you actually think they would, in this day and age, risk such a thing? It would reflect extraordinarily bad on both the show and CBS if the truth ever came to light and would probably mean the end of BB, one of CBS big summer ratings getters.

  • John

    As an amendment to what I've said above, since this site has no edit button, I call to your attention a scandal that took place in the fifties surrounding a game show on NBC called 'Tic Tac Dough', the show was produced by a man named Howard Felsher who was ultimately fired because it came out he was feeding the contestants the answers prior to broadcast.

    Don't think for a second that if CBS standards and practices ever found out that Grodner was outright rigging comps on BB they wouldn't fire her, they would without hesitation. The business ramifications to CBS would be huge as they would catch hell not only from angry fans but their advertisers as well, the people who pay for the show.

    Even if Grodner wanted to rig BB CBS, her boss, would never allow it to happen and if it ever did happen without their knowledge they would find out eventually and Grodner's career would be over. Over, what, Rachel? Don't be absurd.

    Slanting a comp toward a certain competitor, yes, suggesting to HG's that they go a certain way in the DR, yes, rig the show in a way that ethically violates CBS standards and practices, absolutely not.

    • Steve

      I find it very interesting that when Porsche got a Pandora's box, it was a game changer. When Rachel got one, it wasn't. Do I call that rigging…..yes. Most people in the game will take a temptation. Grodner is guiding the game in the direction she wants for drama and ratings, instead of letting the game play out. If the game was boring, blame the horrible casting, as well as lack of imagination in the competitions. BB is so predictable, that the viewers know what will happen before it does. Sorry, I still say when money is involved, don't stack the cards against certain people so that you can make the show more interesting. She can do that without messing with the outcome.

  • John

    She's guiding it…but there's no guarantee it will go where she wants it to and that's my point.

    If these people really want Rachel gone she's gone, it's that simple.

    Drama and ratings is the game, without them there is no game, no show, you can't fault Grodner for trying to maintain those two things.

    I would contend that she actually failed for the most part to create drama this year, have you seen the feeds? One of the most monotonous seasons I've ever seen.

    • Kevin

      You can't admit to the game being "guided" to certain house guests and then claim that it was still "fair" because it was ever so slightly possible that the newbies could win against so many odds stacked against them. Rig means to manipulate fraudulently, and to me, there was clear manipulation happening.

      "If these people really want Rachel gone she’s gone, it’s that simple."

      No, she won a PoV and two HoH competitions, all of which I honestly believe were designed to best fit Rachel (the doughnuts and parachute competitions? do you even have to guess to figure out who was going to win those?). Adam won the HoH between them and tried to have Porche up, knowing she would be eliminated if she didn't pull herself off the block. Porche could've eliminated Rachel that week, sure, but then we would be seeing Jordan win again right now.

      I'll admit many things put the newbies at a disadvantage due to their own fault, but even from the get-go, a 6-man vet alliance versus an 8-man newbie group, it should have been obvious a veteran was going to win. If Daniele didn't turn when she did, this wouldn't have even been a competition.

      Ironically, even with all of the crap that went on, Porche could've won, but thank goodness the liar from the beginning was there to do what she does best: make sure she ruins the veterans' oppositions' chances even though she herself never had a chance to win. Bravo, Shelly, you have no class.

      "Drama and ratings is the game, without them there is no game, no show, you can’t fault Grodner for trying to maintain those two things."

      That's the problem. I want to watch a game, not a stage production. I want to watch a competition, not a card trick that makes it near impossible for the unfavored to win. I want real drama, not constant clips of Rachel boo-hooing about Brendan being gone or not being good at competitions until BB hand-feeds them to her.

      As I said before, Daniele saved the season by keeping it interesting, and Kalia and Porche continued in her place when she was gone. They are what kept me watching. How does Jeff win America's popular vote? Sure, he won an HoH and two PoVs but was completely arrogant and snobbish and was a sore loser when he went packing. And how does Brendan win to come back? You would think America would rather see an all-out war between Dani-Dom and the remaining veterans.

      If the manipulation was to create drama, it didn't. If it was to make the game more interesting, it didn't. I can't tell you if it made an impact in ratings, but what I can tell you is, I'm done with the show. Either America eats up and votes for the worst elements of the show, or the meddling knows no bounds and unapologetically ruins the game. Either way, who wants to watch that crap?

      Well, not me at least.

  • D. swanson

    I truly believe that the show is rigged. First of all to vote the crabby Jeff as America's favorite? Oh come on. I'm sure they were told they would win something to come back. I seriously believe that CBS tells the people what to do in that house. Really. Last season for me. Of course a veteran will win. They've played the game before and know what to do! duh Same with "Survivor". Rigged, too.

  • Katherine

    For me, this season's BB was a hoax! No more BB for me. It seemed as if CBS DETERMINED America's favorite player–not America. On camera, Jeff & Julie Chen seemed overly friendly towards each other – as if they have an established CBS (network) relationship. In my opinion, I feel ALL the "vets" except Danielle damaged their character this season. It seems as if Danielle wasn't part of the CBS obvious "veterans" favoritism. It wouldn't surprise me if CBS scripted Rachel's win. Everything about Rachel this season seemed "scripted" – especially her clothing style. She seemed "professionally" dressed this BB season when compared to her original season when her dress style was slutty; she had to have help in her clothing choices and probably had the clothes bought and paid for by CBS. I'm done with BB. For me, it's no longer a "reality" show – BB is scripted with its situations and outcomes predetermined by CBS. My two cents.

    • Kevin

      I honestly think Rachel is a good competitor, but she really does come across as a terrible person in the worst kind of way on the show. I've always wondered if it could be an act. Maybe, maybe not.

      I would have been fine with her winning, but really, it just seemed way too obvious to me that CBS was influencing the game in her favor, and that just killed it for me. Take out all of the manipulative crap and I would've been happy she won, even if I didn't like how she behaved on the show. She was rude, self-centered, a sore loser, and completely and utterly fake.

      I mean really, how can you spend half the season crying over how much you suck at the fair competitions or how you miss your fiance, and then laugh in Kalia's face when she cries. Kalia has tried hard too and knew she was going to get shafted thanks to Adam not wanting to rock the boat. I don't care if it is all part of the game, that's just messed up. I have no respect for that woman.

      $500,000? I bet her plastic surgeon is celebrating too.