Big Brother Contestant Aaryn Gries Faces Some Backlash For Racist Comments


Though we are sure many of you are familiar with this story already, please allow us to take a moment to help those who don’t know the details catch up with the rest of us. What happened was, during a Big Brother broadcast, one contestant named Aaryn Gries, was recorded saying some rather racist comments, which we will refrain from posting here. And now, she is feeling the Paula Deen’esque backlash from her comments, all across the board. Thing is, just like Deen she deserves every minute of it.

The first place she is feeling the backlash is in the wallet, as her Texas based modeling agency dropped her as the result of her disgusting and unforgivable comments. Basically, from the N word, to hate talking Asians, with some liberal sprinklings of blatant homophobia, this girl managed to insult pretty much every demographic ever.

And the real irony in this is when she was asked how she thought she would get voted off the show back when the show was beginning, she said: People will kick me out because I refuse to stab people in the back. Um, actually, that is pretty much what you do every time you make an ignorant comment, except instead of stabbing one person, you are stabbing whole cultures and nationalities.

Maybe her argument will be that she was kidding, or was trying to play herself in the “bad guy” role for the show, but none of that will excuse the things she said, and the hatred she said them with. But again, sorry to play Devil’s advocate, but she is a contestant on a reality show. Honestly, those are the worst kinds of people of all, so who is actually surprised by this? Scummy people do scummy things, afterall.

When you comb the depths of society, you are bound to get some bottom feeders, and that is just what creatures like Aaryn Gries are. I say we keep them down at the bottom and start checking the top for talent from now on, because behavior like that is just inexcusable.

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  • mike

    Your judgment of her is being produced in the same manner as her racism. You don’t know her, nor why she said those things. In fact, your writing this article is merely a way for you to profit off of this incident. If people care so much about racism and not having racism in our media, simply ignore the comments and outbursts. By talking about it, and making it a sensation, you’re only proving to the networks that having people like this on shows is profitable. This is like free publicity for the show.

    Calling people who participate in reality TV shows dumb, has only proved my point more. You’re supporting them. Don’t expect a thing to change until we prove that there can be no profit made by having ignorant, selfish, and shallow people plastered across all of popular culture.