Bob’s Burgers Getting Its Own Comic Book

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I am really glad Bob’s Burgers is getting the attention it deserves, finally. It may have taken the world a couple years, but they seem to get it now. This show is a riot, and sorta screams back to the golden age of the Simpsons in their prime. As many of you know, with growing popularity comes growing merchandising opportunities. One such opportunity is putting Bob’s Burgers into comic book form. Looks like that is just what is happening this Summer.

The cool thing is, this is not some cheap tie in. Bob’s Burgers comic will be written and drawn by the actual creators. It is not just some cash in being thrown at some young artists and writers to make more money off the show. No, this comic (distributed by Dynamite comics) will be straight from the minds of the people behind the show.  In other words, it is almost like a spin-off show, simply in comic form. The press release written by the creator of the show reads:

If you like Bob’s Burgers and you like comic books, then you may feel like you’re living in one of the greatest times in human history, because Bob’s Burgers and comic books are coming together in the form of Bob’s Burgers: The Comic Book. Of course, we could really mess it up. Then you’d feel like you were living in one of the worst times in human history. Either way, we hope you’ll check out the first few issues.

I have been a fan of comics since I was six, and have been a fan of this show for a few years now. So it seems to me, this is some “best of both worlds” stuff.

What do you think about the idea?

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