Bones Preview: Can the Jeffersonian Team Stop a Potential Biohazard Attack?

BonesThe Jeffersonian will go on lockdown in the penultimate episode of Bones on Monday. The FBI and the squints investigate the death of an investigative journalist named Mia, whose body was discovered at a biohazard facility. But they soon uncover the fact that her remains have a virus hidden inside of it…one that could have deadly consequences.

Booth is communicating with the squints via video conference as they don biohazard suits to investigate the remains and he’s worried about a bioterrorism threat. But the situation becomes even more dire when one member of the squints – intern Aarastoo – cuts himself on the remains.  Will he be poisoned with the virus? It will be up to Brennan and her team to help solve the murder in order to save one of their own.

Watch a preview below for the April 22 episode of Bones on Fox. You can also browse through photos for the episode here.



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