Bones Sneak Peeks: Pelant Targets Hodgins and Angela

Clarissa January 18, 2013 0

BonesWill Angela and Hodgins seek justice outside of the law in Monday’s new episode of Bones?  It looks like that might be the case.

Pelant returns and immediately targets the couple by placing a body in the canopy of their bed, as well as spreading flower petals around baby Michael’s crib.  Horrified and frightened, Angela calls Booth and Brennan for help.  While Hodgins wants the four of them to go kill Pelant for threatening his family, Booth insists that they stick to the letter of the law.

While Hodgins agrees to this, it proves difficult.  As Booth teams up with the Jeffersonian staff, Caroline and Sweets to figure out a legal way to bring Pelant to justice, Hodgins and Angela conduct their own investigation in order to protect their son from harm.  Agent Flynn also returns and Booth seems very hesitant to work with him.  Will Flynn sabotage Booth’s investigation?

Watch four sneak peeks below for the January 21 episode of Bones on FOX.