Aaron Paul Shares Pic of Bryan Cranston Wearing Pink and Hugging a Teddy Bear


Rumor has it that Aaron Paul misses working on Breaking Bad.  So what better way to show love for the show than sharing a picture of Walter White wearing a pink outfit hugging a pink teddy bear on Instagram?  We found the story on Uproxx today and this thing is spreading like wildfire.   Breaking Bad fans who have been starving for an update have just gotten one.  While Cranston has moved on and will be taking some actual stage (as in acting in plays) time in the near future, Paul has let the world know that he misses the show, his cast, and probably all the love that was received during the show’s amazing run.

Paul said on Twitter:  “I miss this man.”  I think we can all agree that everyone who watched the show misses this man.   But have no fear.  We think that there’s more to come with Breaking Bad.  The show itself is over but we all know a Saul spinoff is coming and maybe if we cry hard enough some kind of Breaking Bad prequel movie or something?  Let’s get the petitions going!

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