Some More Better Call Saul Details Emerge

Remy Carreiro January 2, 2014 0


The loss of Breaking Bad this year (technically, last year) is something we have all yet to get over. TV just feels more empty without that show around. Yes, there is still tons of good TV, but without Breaking Bad, and with Walking Dead and Game of Thrones both on hiatus, Sunday nights just feel less exciting. Well, we’ve got some good news for Breaking Bad fans. More details have emerged on Better Call Saul, and it looks like the show is heading in the right direction.

Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad’s creator) recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and managed to spill some more details about this highly sought after show. The long and short is that it seems that Gilligan is on board to do all he can to make sure this show is appealing to fans of Breaking Bad. He confirms that Better Call Saul will be (mostly) a prequel. This opens the doors for cameos from characters who may have been taken out by Walter White during Breaking Bad’s run. The real news here is that he says we may also get some flash forwards in Better Call Saul, too. Which means, we may get to see the life of Saul, post-Walter White. That opens up so many doors. Better Call Saul cannot come quick enough.

So in closing, we may be no closer to actually getting our hands on the show. But we are definitely drooling over it more and more the more we hear.

[Photo via Ursula Coyote/AMC]