Breaking Bad 4.08 “Hermanos” – Clip and Promo Pics

Jon Lachonis September 4, 2011 0

Breaking Bad‘s fourth season seems to be rocketing past as the gritty drama keeps us on the edge of our seats, and tonight’s episode seems to be brimming with the brand of intrigue, suspense, and raw humanity that the no other series can claim as its own.

One thing that has been absolutely riveting is the moral divergence developing between Walter White (Multiple Emmy Winner Brian Cranston) and his partner Jesse Pinkman (Also Emmy winning Aaron Paul). Regardless of outside influence, namely Meth kingpin Gustavo, the duo has been moving in radically different directions since the murder of Gale Boetticher with Walter now consumed by the sensibilities of his criminal alter ego Heisenberg and Jessie rising from his drug addled emotional abyss in search of a sense of purpose that has long eluded him. Where Walter now feels those he cares for should celebrate the windfall of his illicit enterprise with Dionysian fervor, Jesse is beginning to demonstrate a reserve that hints at an inner-balancing. Check out this clip from tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Hermanos” for a glimpse at what I mean.

Your first thought might be: how interesting is it that Saul be the one to display the most humanity here. In fact, you could consider Saul a tempter from the dark side of this situation. As murderer, illegal drug manufacturer, and now an emerging muscle man in Gustavo’s enterprise, Jessie is wise to keep himself as far as possible from the impressionable young family, but once again we see Jessie’s weaknesses are in the heart.

For more on what lies ahead, check out the promo pics that follow. I’m particularly interested in the image of Walter in a hospital gown. Could it be that his Cancer will be re-entering the story line?