Breaking Bad Done In Old Mr. Men Book Style


Did any of you grow up reading the Mr. Men books? Like Mr. Nosey or Mr. Happy or Mr. Jelly? I did, and I loved them. So much so, that when I see one at a thrift store, I still buy them. They just bring a great sense of nostalgia into my life. Well, it seems I am not the only one, as Eager Beaver films on Youtube have come up with a nice little homage to both Mr. Men and the wonderful Breaking Bad.

The truth is, for me, this is the best of both worlds. I get the Mr. Men books from my (odd) youth, and I get Breaking Bad, from my (odd) present. But I need to say, every little detail of both are here, and work wonderfully together. Just that retro, low fi music that starts playing when the cartoon begins will have you smiling ear to ear, and it only gets better from there. Sadly, for the simple fact that everyone in this cartoon lives in “drug land” I have to use my best judgement and LINK TO IT instead of embedding it. I know it takes slightly more work to click on a link and pres play then to just press play. But let me reassure you, if you are a fan of either Mr. Men or Breaking Bad (and especially if you are a fan of both) you need to see this. Yes, I said need.

If you get a chance, check out some others videos those guys have made. Very funny stuff, for sure.

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