Breaking Bad Inspires Themed Office Overhaul

The finale of Breaking Bad got everyone a little crazy, but some more than most, it seems. I think this video is from near when the finale aired, but I’m just seeing it now and I figured a lot of you would want to check it out as well.

One unnamed superfan was so into the show, he decided to remake his entire cubicle as the RV meth lab from the show. That includes both the outer shell of the RV on the outside, and the steamy meth lab on the inside. From the looks of the glowing “chemicals” and abundance of LED lights, I don’t think it actually makes meth. Just a hunch.

This guy must have a pretty cool workplace if they’re allowing him to do something like this. The video cuts out, but hopefully it doesn’t end with him packing up his fake meth lab after being fired.

Alright, so who is going to be the first to recreate Game of Throne’s Red Wedding at their own wedding? Fictionally, of course. At least I hope so.

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