All Of Breaking Bad Is On Netflix!

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Do you realize Breaking Bad is SO good, it messes people up? It compels people like Anthony Hopkins to write letters to the cast telling them just how utterly amazing it is and without par. In this month’s Game Informer, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima admits that Breaking Bad affected how he looked at his newest Metal Gear games and the stories he was allowed to tell in those games. See, Breaking Bad is not so much a show, as a cultural phenomenon. A television show that forever redefined how stories are told and the heroes (or antiheroes) we follow. Well, good news to you avid Heisenberg fans out there like me. All of Breaking Bad is on Netflix, from beginning to end.

So you get to experience it all, all over again. (spoilers ahead) Walt’s cancer, and how he comes to terms with that. Jesse’s evolution from dumb burnout into partner-in-crime. Skylar’s descent into infidelity and her eventual realization who her husband really is. Hank chasing his tail until that one fateful moment on the can when he sees Walt’s Leaves of Grass book. Heck, you even get all the amazing side characters again. From Saul to Mike to Danny Trejo’s head on a turtle, it is almost all even better a second time, because you pick up on all this awesome stuff you somehow managed to miss the first time around. If you think the ” I am the one who knocks” speech gives you chills the first time, just you wait.

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows that has ever existed, flat out. So the simple fact that all of Breaking Bad is on Netflix tells me one thing. I am gonna be hanging out with Heisenberg again, and that makes me very, very happy.

[Photo via Ursula Coyote/AMC]

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