Breaking Bad In Real Life, Or Is Someone Trolling Canada?

Oh man, this is rich. I can admit, I like the art of trolling when it is well done. What I am speaking of is doing something with the specific intent of garnering a reaction from people. Sort of joking with them and they have no idea. I can confidently say that is what I believe happened with a recent advice column in Winnipeg. Someone wrote in for some advice, and they got their answer. Thing is, if you read the question, it hits you. This is the plot of Breaking Bad, perfectly summed up from Skylar’s viewpoint pretty much. Yup, someone is trolling. And doing a darn good job, mind you.

So the letter (which you can read here) is written from the viewpoint of Skylar White. Seems her husband has been diagnosed with lung Cancer, and since then, he has gotten very distant. She suspects that he may have a second phone that he lies about, and they also have a child on the way. There are a few more specifics that prove it HAS to be Breaking Bad, but I will leave those for you to find.

The one thing I would say about this that makes me a little sad is how earnestly the columnist responds. She is like: Your husband knows he is going to die, and is just doing what he wants etc etc. As much as it is funny, I feel bad that the columnist clearly has never watched Breaking Bad. Poor thing has no idea what she is talking about (or missing).

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