Breaking Bad’s ‘Ozymandias’ IMDB’s Highest Rated TV Episode Ever at a Perfect 10

ozyWhen you go on IMDB a lot, you sort of get used to their rating system. As it draws such polarizing views, Anything above an eight is going to be one of the best movies ever made, while a 7-8 is damn good, a 6-7 is worthwhile, and when you dip below a six, probably best to skip it much of the time.

That’s why the recent user ratings for Breaking Bad’s Ozymandias have been so stunning. At 19,000+ votes right now on the site, the episode is sitting at a perfect 10.

A perfect…ten.

Granted TV ratings are generally higher than movie ratings on the site, but this is still unprecedented. Yes, it’s probably rounding up just a tiny bit, as there are a few trolls/dissenters in there I’m sure, but still, that’s really incredible

Vince Gilligan himself has said that it’s by far the best episode of the series by a mile, and many are calling it one of the best episodes of television of all time. At least on IMDB, it literally IS the best, according to users.

Makes expectations high for the last two, but yeah, we’ll always have Ozymandias.

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  • mike

    Aside from an a great plot, I don’t understand the praise. This episode is merely the reasonable aftermath after a tragedy. His whole family knows, and he ran away. Everything was handled quite well, but from a style and purpose standpoint, the episode did nothing different to establish itself as a prime episode. In fact, everything that happened within the hour was pretty damn predictable.