Bryan Cranston Says He Would Have Gladly Played Lex Luthor

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Wait a minute here. This news just blew my mind, and got me real mad at the same time. When I heard Jesse Eisenberg was playing Lex Luthor in the new Superman Batman movie, it filled with me the kind or rage you cannot quite sum up in words. To me, the casting was (another) awful choice in a long line of them. The worst part is, everyone was saying Bryan Cranston was the one who end up playing him. Well guess what? No one ever actually asked  him. The irony being, Bryan Cranston says he would have gladly played Lex Luthor if anyone actually bothered to ask him. This leads me to my next point, and why I am seething with rage. WHY DID NO ONE ASK HIM???!!!

I want to observe a quick moment of silence to imagine how amazing it would have been had Lex Luthor been played by Heisenberg. Instead, we get the kid who always plays a kid people want to punch in the face. Now I know that could work in the favor of Lex Luthor’s character (hating the bad guys helps), but come on? He always just plays a snarky jerk, but at no point have I ever been intimidated by him. That is the thing, Lex should SCARE people. Honestly, Kevin Spacey did a pretty great job, and i Wasn’t sure how they would follow that up. I guess they are following it up with a big, giant fail. More on the story over the Mary Sue.

All I am saying is, people who ran the casting on that movie and never asked Cranston should be fired. Seriously, end of story.

[Photo via Rob Kim/Stringer]

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