Gomie From Breaking Bad Is A Comedian Now?

Remy Carreiro December 5, 2013 0


We will admit, it must be really tough finding something to follow up what you are most well-known for. In this case, we are talking about everyone from Breaking Bad. How do you follow-up one of the best shows of all time, and what they will all be forever know for? Well, Aaron Paul makes a Need For Speed movie. Bryan Cranston does some Broadway. Oh, and Gomie from Breaking Bad? Well, he goes off and becomes a rather mediocre comedian. Not like he was exactly the most astute DEA worker, though. Just being honest.

You all remember Gomie from Breaking Bad, right? He was Hank’s (sometimes) sidekick. Well, seems he has ventured into a new career of comedy. He was on the Arsenio Hall show the other night. The thing is, and I am not trying to be mean here, but he wasn’t that funny. He also has a show on after SNL on Saturday nights. A sort of talk show, after-show. You can check out his bit above (via Uproxx), but I seriously don’t recommend it. It may change the way you look at him. That site likened his bit to George Lopez, but I think even that is a bit too kind.

Listen, the best thing Gomie from Breaking Bad could have done ( I refuse to refer to him by his actual name, which is Steven Michael Quezada) would be just to keep picking up cop and DEA roles. Let that wonderful show typecast you. Who cares as long as you have work? Worst thing you can do is what he is doing. Which, as sad it is to say, sort of sullies the way you look at his character.

Here’s the video