Did You Know Breaking Bad and Walking Dead Take Place In Same Universe?

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When I heard this theory, and checked it out in depth, I was pretty awestruck. I like to think that as a TV journalist, I am pretty good at figuring stuff out. So how did I not know that Breaking Bad and Walking Dead took place in the exact same universe, with Breaking Bad acting as a potential prequel to Walking Dead? Here, check out the evidence.

In the first episodes of The Walking Dead, Merle laid out a bag full of drugs when they were all on the roof, fighting. At the bottom of the bag was some “Sky Blue”. The blue meth Walter White makes on Breaking Bad. Well, well. That is clue number one. Second clue is when Glenn steals the Charger in the second episode of season one, do you know who’s got that same charger? Walter White’s son, Flynn (as he likes to be called). Yup, exact same red Dodge Charger. That is two points in the “same universe” category, and recently, the dropped point three.

Remember when Daryl and Beth were getting drunk on Moonshine, and Daryl began to tell Beth a story about some drug dealer who almost shot his brother in front of him. Well, this ties it all up. He explains that dealer as being a skinny blonde kid, and when Daryl quotes what the kid said to his brother, he uses a certain keyword that Aaron Paul was well-known for using on Breaking Bad. I wont spell it out for you here, because this is a family site, but I think you get the point. Crazy, huh?

What if the blue meth is somehow linked to the outbreak? I know, insane, but they started it.

[Photo via Gene Page/AMC]

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  • code3codeblue

    Just watched the first episode yesterday trying to get my wife into the show & only recall Rick pulling a little vile of drugs off of Merle when he searched him after handcuffing him to the roof of the building. Don’t recall a bag of drugs. Will have to go back and check the moonshine episode since that just aired 3 or 4 weeks ago. I remember the scene but not the details.

    I’ve not read ‘The Walking Dead’s’ comics so I’m unsure if there’s already a reason for the dead coming back to life that’s been established. However, it would be very interesting to have both shows get tied in together and have that 98% pure meth somehow responsible for the dead walking! :-)

    • Remy Carreiro

      There is a picture of the blue meth from the first episode if you click the link in the intro.

      • code3codeblue

        Thanks! Didn’t go to the link originally. This article says, “In the first episodes of The Walking Dead, Merle laid out a bag full of drugs when they were all on the roof, fighting.” I was correct that it’s not that scene on the roof. The article in the link is accurate & I just finished watching the episode in question. The bag is seen towards the end of season 2 episode 2. Daryl pulls the bag of drugs out of the motorcycles saddle bag to help bring down T-Dogs fever while they’re on the abandoned highway preparing to go to Hershel’s farm. Thanks for pointing out the link!

      • Glenn Bartha

        highly unlikely seeing as how breaking bad takes place in New Mexico
        and The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia…..and I’m pretty sure Dodge sells quite a bit of Chargers