Some New Info On Breaking Bad Spin-off, Better Call Saul Emerges

Remy Carreiro December 2, 2013 0


As soon as we heard about Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin off featuring shady lawyer, Saul Goodman, we were excited. The kicker is that no one knew any of the details. We just knew Saul was getting his own prequel show, and that was that. Well, we have finally made some progress about what the show may be about. Well, obviously, Saul Goodman, but we mean the details. Will it be funny? Will it be a crime drama? Will it be a courtroom drama? Will it have Breaking Bad characters?

In a word, yes, to all those. Well, more like a concrete maybe.

First of all, Better Call Saul is rumored that it may have some cameos from bigger names from the show. Remember, this is a prequel, so all the characters who died during Breaking Bad are still alive during Better Call Saul. That opens up a world of possibilities for this show. We also are hearing rumors that there may be some courtroom heavy scenes, but everyone is being vague and cryptic. Also, they are aiming to have the show ready to go by next year. Few of us can deny just how good THAT news is.

Warming Glow has some more details, but not many more. Like I said, vague and cryptic. Which only makes me even more excited for Better Call Saul.

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/AMC]