Norm McDonald’s Interesting Breaking Bad Finale Theory

Norm MacDonaldIt seems former SNL alum Norm McDonald has some very distinct feelings about how Breaking Bad ended. While we may all think that Walter White (SPOILER ALERT) was shot and killed, it seems Norm has a completely different theory about the how the whole thing went down. Granted, in Norm’s version, Walter White still dies, but he dies of natural causes. It may sound crazy, but hear him out for a second.

At Uproxx today it was reported that Norm McDonald had tweeted some things about the Breaking Bad finale, and he felt like sharing those with the whole world. Basically, Norm McDonald says that the ending was too ideal, too gangster, and there is no way Walter White ever got out of the car. He seems to think the ending was too ideal. A sort of fantasy for how Walt wanted his last moments to go. A sort of “lucid dream” that he is imagining it, but rather, he never left the car, and ended up dying in that seat, surrounded by cops, by finally succumbing to his disease.

While it may seem like an “out there” theory, as Uproxx points out, if you watch the intro to the final episode again, it may just allude to that fact that there could be some truth to that. Hank hurts his hand trying to start the car,then suddenly it starts, and everything else goes pretty much perfectly.

But what if he never started the car?

Hey, look at Rosanne and Newhart to realize these kinds of endings do happen, and if it happened here, it would only make Walter White’s legend even more surreal, so who knows?

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