Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Spinoff Is A Go

Saul good

I suppose if you had asked us months ago which Breaking Bad character would get their own show when Breaking Bad ended, we would have never assumed it would have been lawyer, Saul Goodman, played with aplomb by Bob Odenkirk. Although we like the character a lot, it just seems like there are some really interesting tertiary characters that would have had more interesting stories to tell. But the more we think about it, could they really? Pretty sure Saul already has some amazing stories to tell, and it looks like the show is, indeed, full steam ahead.

Now don’t go cracking any champagne yet, because we didn’t say any network had picked it up, but behind the scenes rumors seem to be flying that the show has pretty much started writing and hashing out ideas, which is a good sign that the show will, indeed, be happening.

Seeing as to how we are all big fans of Mr. Show, and have gotten our David Cross fix through the recent, amazing season 4 of Arrested Development, our Bob Odenkirk fixes seemed fewer and more far between. And maybe with the buzz for the Saul Goodman spin off slowly raising from rumor to almost real, we will get our Odenkirk fix, full fledged, soon enough.

We just can’t help but wonder and speculate on how they show will play out. Will they show past cases, with inflection by Saul? Or maybe it will be him moving forward, post Breaking Bad, which would be an interesting evolution to see.The good and bad thing seems that, no matter what they do, they will not be able to shake the shadow of the amazing show that was the precursor, and one upping Breaking Bad should prove to be damn near impossible, even for a character who already lives in that world.

We are all set with living in that world, but we sure like to visit. And it seems with this Saul Goodman spinoff, we may just get more time there, after all.

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  • Tam MacTaggart

    Really? You wouldn’t expect Saul to be the most likely spin-off candidate? He’s the character with by far the most obvious and broad appeal. And I mean that positively. Can’t even think of a second most likely choice.

  • LEM

    Please tell me Bill Burr will be on the show too.