Walter White May Not Be Dead, So Says Bryan Cranston


Sometimes, as a writer, I report on news that does not really interest me. That is my job, to tell you guys the TV news, no matter my opinion of it. Thing is, sometimes I get to tell you guys something that blows my own mind. This story is one such case. I am a huge Breaking Bad fan (as most of the world is), so to hear the recent revelation that Walter White may not be dead from the man himself is about as awesome as news gets on this end.

So in a recent interview with CNN, Bryan Cranston admitted Walter White may not be dead.  The interviewer pointed out that the last time we saw Walter, his eyes were open, looking up. He LOOKED dead, but was he really? Cranston was quick to point out that we never saw a body bag zip him up, did we? Then, when asked if there was a chance any of us would see Walter White again in any form, Cranston answered with an impactful: Never say never.

Hold up a second here. You are telling me I may get to spend more time with one of my favorite fictional characters ever? You are telling me there is a chance there could be some Walter White action in the future, maybe even in a movie? I am not even sure what to do with myself now. I am all giddy and stuff.

How this plays out we have no idea, but to know Walter White may not be dead is enough to ensure I am going into this weekend in a great mood. Long live Heisenberg.

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