Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.15 Review: “Operation: Broken Feather”


Regardless of how you all felt about the result for the Super Bowl; your nights should have either quickly gotten better, or never stopped being great after viewing last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  It’s fantastic that the show was able to fill one of the post Super bowl slots and hopefully a bunch of new viewers were able to stick around after New Girl and catch episode 15, “Operation: Broken Feather”.

First I want to point out how great the intro scene was that placed us at the more important football game of the night: B-99 vs. the FDNY. Marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt) was back with more nonsensical remarks of trash talk before trying to defeat Peralta.  It wouldn’t matter though, because the nine-nine had Terry on the field to run train and show off his dance moves (because he chooses to) as he, literally, carried the team to victory.

Last night’s episode focused in on more of the Peralta and Santiago team up, while Terry and Holt re-organize the office to maximize the department’s efficiency.  Santiago spends the episode considering a job with the Major Crimes division that would have her working with the Vulture.  In attempt to change her mind, Peralta makes her go on a case with him to remind her how much she loves being in the field.  This puts the two paired up and alone for the majority of the episode and pushes the romance between the two of them a little further along.  I’m not totally against the idea of putting Peralta and Santiago together, but would prefer them to develop the characters a little more.

My two favorite tv couples right now are New Girl’s Nick and Jess, and Parks and Rec’s Leslie and Ben, but these shows took their time to develop the characters and then the relationship.  We don’t know when Peralta and Santiago will end up together, but the foundation is there and more time seems to focus on the two of them alone.  I’m hoping that the show follows a pattern similar to New Girl by waiting until, at least, the end of next season to turn the pair into a couple.  Last night’s episode was great in strengthening their relationship and how the characters play off one another; Peralta can get Santiago to loosen up and have fun while she, through their competitive nature, causes him to stay organized and take work seriously.

Back in the office, Terry and Holt are experimenting with how they can reorganize the office to create maximum work efficiency.  This was another duo that hasn’t gotten much screen time together but was really fun to watch last night.  I loved watching Terry’s analysis of the office and how Boyle focuses more on people’s use of the toaster, Gina focuses more on making fun of Boyle, and nobody wants to be around “Mt. Diaz”.  Then on top of that, Holt becoming Icarus and “flying to close to the sun” by going overboard with making changes in the office.

Last night’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a solid one to fill the post Super bowl slot and hopefully attract new viewers in the future.  “Operation: Broken Feather” took another step in the right direction by placing the focus on its main characters while still generating laughs from supporting members like Boyle and Diaz.  I am really continuing to enjoy Brooklyn Nine-Nine and love that it will be back on tomorrow night, so don’t forget!

Tonight’s Top Moments:

  • Having Joe Esposito’s You’re The Best Around play over Terry’s highlight video in the beginning was perfect.
  • Peralta’s breakfast of champions is a “breakfast burrito” that consists of Gummy bears wrapped in a fruit rollup.
  • Scully setting off tear gas in the office.
  • Boyle took an Egyptian belly dancing class.
  • The cameos from Adam Sandler and Joe Theismann were amazing.  I’m glad they added them in for extra humor rather than making them a part of the main story somehow.

How did everyone feel about “Operation:Broken Feather”? Was it a worthy post Super Bowl episode?

[Photo via  Eddy Chen/FOX]

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