Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.17 Review: “Full Boyle”


There is one thing that I absolutely love about Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Detective Charles Boyle. Last night’s episode, “Full Boyle,” continues his story from last week’s episode that ended with him landing his dream girlfriend, Vivian, a well-known food enthusiast. This week we are back in the department where Boyle is strutting around like the office alpha dog; finally correcting the barista about calling him Charlize, covering the briefing instead of Peralta, and even wearing new low-waisted jeans that cause Gina’s eyes to wander. Boyle is the man, he’s my favorite character, and I was really excited to finally see an episode dedicated to his goofy antics.

Last night’s episode was another solid addition to this first season, but started out a little slow with some strange story pacing.  The main story was focused on Boyle (obviously) and celebrating his 20th day anniversary with Vivian.  Peralta already sees that he is going, “full Boyle,” and wants to make sure he doesn’t mimic the past and lose his girlfriend.  Boyle’s plan is to celebrate the anniversary with dinner at Le Bon Bon with 300 roses already at the table, a gondola ride, and sky writing across the sky to profess his love for Vivian. Peralta keeping check on Boyle eventually turns into a double date where he is set up with Vivian’s friend, Bernice. Eventually Peralta ends up going somewhat “Boyle” when he is caught off guard by Bernice, “Hi, I’m Jaaacktraactive…” She turns out to be his perfect girl; wanted to be a cop, loves Die Hard, and sleeps in a Nakatomi Plaza security t-shirt. This was hilarious, when Jake realizes he is going to have a hard time keeping Boyle in line while he is having trouble with his own situation. These two had my favorite story of the night that I felt really held the episode together. Boyle is really loveable because of his heart warming charm, so it was great to see him get the focus.

Captain Holt’s night revolved around his campaign for re-election as the president of the African American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman’s Association, or, AAGLNYCPA, for short… A young officer, Brian Jensen, or Brain according to Gina, wants to run for president to advance the club into the modern era. I enjoyed the story for Holt because the character continues to tackle lesson driven topics.  Last night, in his conquest to be re-elected, Holt eventually loses his way in realizing what is best for the AAGLYNCPA, even though he founded it.  After turning down Gina’s dance group idea, she reminds Holt that he shouldn’t write people off so quickly and that the reason he founded the group was so officers wouldn’t have to experience the same things he did. It was nice to see Holt to get up on stage and have a moment of clarity, because he is the epitome of acceptance, and watching his character in stories like last night’s, or even his long-term quest to show Gina her potential, really round out the show with serious moments.

Santiago and Diaz had my least favorite story of the night, one that just felt unnecessary and like additional clutter that only took away from Boyle, or even Holt as well. The two had to deal with Super-Dan; the guy that sits on top of the station at night and observes the criminal activities going on down below.  I just thought this plot was boring compared to the others of the night, and echoed the same values offered up from Holt’s story to not judge people so quickly.  Super-Dan himself was a funny character that I hope to see in future episodes, but overall, this plot line felt like a cheap way to give Terry, Santiago, Diaz, Scully, and Hitchcock some screen time.

Overall, I thought this was another awesome episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I loved seeing Boyle as the episode’s centerpiece with Peralta in a supporting role.  I think that the episode still was able to show the fullness of Peralta’s character, especially in the episode’s end.  Although he is just looking out for Boyle by suppressing his extremely romantic gestures throughout the night, he eventually realizes that Vivian is going full Boyle, for Boyle! By having a supporting role, Peralta was able to subtly display his caring side by remedying Boyle’s situation and setting up a surprise dinner in the department. I really enjoy how Brooklyn Nine-Nine builds the entire cast together, establishing meaningful relationships between everyone; It reminds me a lot of Parks and Recreation. Last night’s episode seemed a bit discombobulated at the start, but was able to hold itself together, and deliver another good episode as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s first season draws nearer to a close.

My Moments of the Night:

–          Boyle was phenomenal; all of his great one-liners carried the episode.  My favorites were his plan to have the sky writing say, “Charles loves V,” and him writing “Mr. Charles Ludley” all over his notepad.

–          Holt still has the funniest jokes on the planet. I’m loving this reoccurring joke.

–          Peralta and Boyle’s short pepper spray battle was hilarious, especially when Boyle is trying to aim his gun at the cab driver the next day.

–          Probably the biggest part of the night… Vivian accepts Boyle’s marriage proposal! We’ll see whether it lasts, but it made me happy to see Boyle appreciated. I think he deserves this and it would also let his episodic plots focus more on his one-liners; however, does this mean they are dropping his love for Diaz? I won’t mind if that’s the case.

What did everyone think of last night’s episode, “Full Boyle”? Let me know why you did or didn’t enjoy it in the comments below!

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