Brooklyn Nine-Nine Wants To Win Emmy With Help of Food Truck


Food trucks are the new “It” things for foodies. And everyone thinks they are foodies now a days, so that should let you know how popular food trucks have become, especially in metropolitan areas. Seems the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine know this, and also seem to know now is when shows submit to win an Emmy. Well, why not plea to the masses for an Emmy by using an awesome Brooklyn Nine-Nine themed truck? Seems just genius enough to work.

The best part is, it is cast members who will be driving it. Well, at least, we know right now in the first run it is Joe Truglio actually behind the wheel. How cool is that? So you get some Brooklyn Nine-Nine bagels, and you get to meet a star. While they aim to go around and hit up Academy voters, the actual food truck is open to the public, too. Not even kidding. As far as promotion goes, this might be the smartest move I have heard in a long time. Like, if I was in the L.A area right now I would be chasing that truck down. Plus if you recall, Joe Truglio is actually a foodie on the show, so this thing serves many purposes.

Read more over at Deadline Hollywood.  The truck will only be making rounds until June 13th. So you better act quick of you want to get on board and support this awesome show and awesome idea.

[Photo via FOX]

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