Basketball Wives: On and On and On and On…and On

Shilo Adams August 1, 2011 1

Was it just me or did this week’s Basketball Wives kinda sorta feel like a rerun?

I don’t know if it’s because we’re just entering the home stretch of this season or if I may just be too into the thought of the spin-off, but we had yet another go-around with some plots that have been hanging over the heads of the Wives like messy guillotines ready to chop up a lacefront or two. Perhaps we should be applauding the show for having some serialization and reality (or a reasonable facsimile) to it, but I just kept feeling like we’ve seen all of this 100 times before.

Afflicted with the strongest case of “get on with it!” syndrome is the continued dance of Royce and Jennifer, a sort of awkward slow dance between two middle school kids that stay more than a comfortable distance apart. For those who may have forgotten (or chosen to use the space in their brain for more important things), Jennifer hates Royce because Royce apparently talked a lot of trash about her on Twitter and now she’s in talks with Eric to star in his movie. (Shut up, just go with it.) Not exaggerating, my notes for tonight included the phrase “Y’ALL AIN’T FRIENDS” about 5-6 times because seriously, you can’t invoke girl code, bro code, or kitty kode on someone that you’re not friends with. I know I’ve said this a lot during the course of this show, but it baffles me that Jennifer can, with a straight face, chastise someone she’s not friends with for having a conversation with her ex-husband, even if there’s a deeper root to the problem.

Not to mention that it goes against her whole “starting new” attitude this season. If you’re legitimately trying to start your life over after our divorce, why are you still holding on the anger and hurt from past issues? She’s not going to be able to get over Eric until she’s able to express herself better and find ways to let the stupid stuff slide. Season four, maybe?

Of course, Jennifer/Royce wasn’t the only repeat, as Eric’s movie made a second appearance, Evelyn/Ocho’s relationship was given the spotlight (and not just lip service), and Suzie continued to run her mouth and be Jennifer’s lapdog. It was nice to see Evcho in action (I had and still sort of have my doubts about them, but they do seem very into one another), mostly because it was something that helped humanize Evelyn, but Suzie’s gossipiness continued to be an issue for me. No wonder she’s suddenly besties with Jennifer; she’s the eyes and ears for the inner circle and they’d be foolish to get rid of that kind of access to everybody’s dirt, especially since this entire show is based on putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. But, correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Suzie just go ranting about Meeka talking too much last episode? And what does she do as soon as her “friend” Royce tells her something? Runs to Jennifer and tells her everything, getting her riled up and edging her away from ever reconciling with Royce.

I’m not saying that Jennifer would’ve ever sat down with Royce and talked things out (or that they could ever be friends), but there would have been a much better chance had nobody been buzzing in her ear. Now that Suzie’s friends with the inner circle, she doesn’t want anybody else to be, so she’s trying her damndest to keep it as is. In the past two episodes, she’s double crossed Royce and Meeka because she’s so petrified that Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie will kick her out of the circle and she’ll be back where she was last season. I understand the fear of not wanting to be the outsider again, but you being scared of not being liked doesn’t give you any excuse to do other people dirty.

Yes, I know this is Basketball Wives: Arrested Development, but still, it’s frustrating to watch. However, it gives me solace that once the inner circle turns in on itself, Suzie will be the first one to go and I know I could watch her fall from grace over and over and over and…

Thoughts, Quotes, & Observations

  • “*high five* But I don’t condone violence…”
  • “Do you even know how to date?”
  • “Tall bank accounts’ll make a lot go away.” Oh, Al Reynolds, you fit right in. Welcome home, boo.
  • Yes, THAT Al Reynolds made an appearance tonight. He should join the cast a’la Dwight and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Agree?
  • Why did everybody refer to Al Reynolds as “Al Reynolds” instead of, y’know, Al?
  • Title reference. Get in the know.
  • What happened to the dog that Brian got Royce? Did that cute little thing get dumped, too?
  • “Can I be ghetto?”
  • “I think I’m showing my vagina to all of South Beach.”
  • We’re all in agreement that Jen still has some feelings for Eric, though, right?
  • No Meeka tonight. Take from that what you will.
  • I still think that they should build a reality show around Eric’s movie with every Real Housewife/(fill in the blank) Wife fighting for each of the five roles. Hello, did nobody else but me watch Kill Reality? (Don’t answer that.)
  • Shaniece was such a knockout when she was in the all white dress before graduation. Very stunning and she manages to make me like/tolerate Evelyn, so bonus points for you, girl.
  • Props to Tami for trying to be an actual peacemaker with Royce and Jennifer, as opposed to Suzie’s brand of BS.
  • Ocho was very exhausting to watch. There’s someone who’s funny and there’s someone who has to be the center-of-attention at all times. Chad was definitely the latter. However, I enjoyed him checking Evelyn when she started moping about being in a high profile relationship, as nobody’s making any of these people be famous, date famous people, or discuss their love lives on national television, so she can put that in her piggy bank and save it for a rainy day.
  • Next week: Evelyn’s jealous of one of Chad’s friends (sigh), Jennifer makes out with William (aw yeah), and Eric/Jen argue about nothin’. OH. And he throws a drink in her face. Just sayin’.

What were your impressions of Chad Ochocinco? Whose side are you on: Jennifer or Royce? What did you think about Tami attempting to play peacemaker a week after her altercation with Meeka?

  • prinny

    I agree with this episode seemingly like a rerun…

    Chad is so full of himself is not even funny, am kinda growing to like him and evelyn together. I can with him wanting to be the most hated athlete (i seriously). Shaniece is a sweetheart

    Jennifer needs to go n sitdwn somewhere, its clear she not over eric, i dnt understand y she cares so much if he meets up with royce and y should royce tell har they r meeting up if jennifer doesnt even like royce (weird much)

    Tami is trying for them to get along with royce but it is what it is

    Suzie needs to put a freaking padlock on her damn mouth.