Basketball Wives: LA: Episode 2 Sneak Peek

Shilo Adams September 4, 2011 2

The series premiere of VH1′s Basketball Wives: LA ended with a physical altercation between Malaysia and Laura after words were exchanged about hoodrat this and messing with other people’s husbands that. It was, to put it simply, a mess, but you had to wonder what happened next.

If you were anxious to see who won, VH1 has you covered, as they released a 5 minute look at the aftermath of the Rumble on the Rooftop with both women getting their hits in. Laura gets popped in the mouth pretty hard, Malaysia’s bleeding a little, and the collective yard of weave between the two gets yanked to death. Yes, the two women who recently had babies were the ones to get in the first physical fight on the show and no, I’m not surprised in the least.

What I am surprised at, though, is the fact that Tanya seems to be bearing the brunt of the group’s frustration for not jumping in to separate Malaysia and Laura. We obviously don’t know what her motivations were for not involving herself, but this lack of “solidarity” seems like it’ll further distance her from everybody else. I just don’t understand why Jackie is taking it upon herself to sniff out who’s “real” and who’s not, so her riding Tanya for a second episode over absolutely nothing is a little stupid.

I see why they would want her to jump in (the whole symbolically “proving herself” thing), but I don’t blame her for staying out. These women were just ganging up on her and disrespecting who she was (so why should she put herself on the line for them), it’s an embarrassing situation that she doesn’t want to further associate herself with, and it’s not like there weren’t security guards trying to help. What could little peaceful Tanya do in this situation?

You can see what happens next when Basketball Wives: LA airs its second episode on Monday at 8:00.

Who do you think won the fight, if anybody? How do you think this will impact the rest of the season? Do you think anybody will be on Malaysia’s side?

  • realest

    First of all, I agree with alot of the comments previously posted. Imani comes off as such a hater to me. I'm not a stripper either and I have 2 kids I am not mad at Draya for living her life. I think that Imani's husband must have left her for a stripper because to call someone worthless because of their profession is sad. I think that she's miserable. On the other hand, if Draya abandoned her child to go party thats also sad but not worthless. I love Malaysia! She semms so real like we could be best friends Laura needed to be slapped, I'm glad she realized she was wrong and apologized. Tonya is classy a bit too muscular for me but she pulls it off. Jackie seems ok so far but is obsessed about Tonya not being involved in a fight. Shaunie is getting paid. Women are drama, drama sells so it is what it is black women aren't the only ones fighting on television. Gloria invited Draya to the group for drama and she seems messy. My opinion!


  • MissAfrica

    I have just started watching the show and it seems the girls are always picking on Malaysia…which I think is unfair. Anyway, I hope to see postive stuff and not the usual drama and fighting…