Basketball Wives: LA: What In the World is Up with Laura?

What in the world was up with Laura Govan tonight?

The first four episodes of Basketball Wives: LA, I had actually come around to the mother of four because while her incident with Malaysia was tacky, she seemed to have a freakish amount of self-awareness for a reality show cast member and you just hoped she could change. Her story of basically being thrown out of the house with her children into a tiny two bedroom apartment was about as real as Basketball Wives: LA has gotten so far, but Laura’s usually the first one with something funny to say or some comment that lets you know she’s strong enough to make it through just about anything.

Tonight, though, Laura Govan lost her mind over some weak, weak, weak stuff and it worries me, not only in regards to the other cast members but with regards to Laura herself. When she made the trip to see Dr. Jenn, I was impressed and hopeful that this meant her role for the rest of the season would be that of the peace maker and that working through her own issues could possibly spread to other cast members. Her moment in therapy I found to be fairly genuine, in that she definitely seems like the strong-woman-who-is-afraid-to-ask-for-help type, but that bit of trying to help herself barely lasted past the next commercial break, as we got to see the “old” Laura Govan pop up. The one that had it out with Malaysia in the premiere and generally stirred up drama on Basketball Wives: OG Heffas – she was out in full force and the amount of anger that she has apparently internalized was scary to watch.

The MMA event was an awful idea in the first place, considering how much tension there is in this group and how more than one cast member has problems knowing when to talk and when to throw down. It was masterminded by Gloria in what was to be an attempt to ambush Draya; Gloria knew that Jackie was upset at Draya, that Imani doesn’t like Draya, and that Laura was itching to do something violent to someone (see her “I wanna throw rocks at somebody/I want to watch ’em bleed” exchange earlier in the season), so sure, let’s go do something physical and take the smallest girl on the show that everybody has issues with, too. Granted, there’s no way in the world that Laura and Draya should have even been in the same ring together, as the height/weight difference between the two was too much for it to be a fair fight, but Laura’s actions in the ring (i.e. not doing any of the moves they were taught and using the bell as some Pavlovian trigger for the “old” Laura to come out) were alarming.

Even though she was upset at some phantom thing that Draya may or may not have said about her/her children, she still shouldn’t have gotten into the ring, knowing her temper, the physical differences, and the fact that she’s “trying to change her behavior”. This was the equivalent of a long-time drinker finally coming to the realization that they were finished with that part of their life and then almost immediately going to a bar after having a long day at work; the MMA ring was no place for someone with anger issues and since the older members of the cast seem to enjoy telling other people what to do, maybe they should have realized that Laura’s mental health/well-being is much more important than “getting back at” what they’ve described as a “little girl”.

I think there’s no way that Laura gets over her anger issues on reality TV. When you’re already a high-strung person with a lot of stress in your life and you’re put into a stressful situation with people you don’t like, it’s bound to result in a few blowouts now and then. If she wants to be that woman, the one walking around ready to fight, that’s her prerogative, but if so, she needs to check her judgment of the other cast members at the door, as a mother with four young kids still trying to fight like she’s 15 is worse than someone not going to a wedding or someone telling another person about a previous conversation. My hope is that seeing the season will cause Laura to confront some uncomfortable things about herself and stir about some change that is necessary for the cast of Basketball Wives: LA, her young children, and, most importantly, herself.

Thoughts, Quotes, & Observations:

  • “She has her name in my mouth.” Girl…
  • “Patron makes me inappropriate.”
  • “And that’s how she made her money.” At least Draya has money of her own, Gloria, and isn’t piggybacking on her husband’s name/fame.
  • Laura Govan continues to not make a damn bit of sense.
  • If you’ve felt sorry for Laura’s situation at all, know that she’s back with Gilbert. Y’all deserve each other.
  • Basketball Wives: LA trivia game.
  • Shout out to VH1 for including therapy in another reality show. Even if it’s not intentional, the more exposure to therapy that people see, the less stigma that going to therapy will have.
  • I want to know who these people that’ll spend $700-$3,000 on a piece of jewelry for their children are, Malaysia.
  • I still don’t see why Jackie’s showing out about her wedding. You’ve had 17 of these things. (Technically, 20.) Getting married in a Vegas hotel room and then going to the club isn’t some magical, once-in-a-lifetime event, so just stop, especially because you asked this girl to come dance at your wedding (!) over the phone (!!).
  • Nice to see that Gloria is as insecure as I pegged her to be. How are you going to be 25-years-old and wanting botox? Seek a therapist, boo.
  • Imani’s views on love are messed up. According to her, we have a finite amount of love and her supply is all the way tapped out. For real, though?
  • Next week: the fight is finally broken up, Imani continues thinking about dating, and the girls start finding about Draya’s legal past.

  • Diva40

    It was so sad to see these grown a** women act this way and you have kids? So what Draya supposedly said something about you and your kids. All the ish you said about her.I was actually starting to think that laura was more mature after she apoligized to Malayshia, but after she acted like that with Draya I'm done. She's big as hell fighting Draya. Why didn't she call Malayshia in the ring? She would have gotten that a** whooped again. Sit down old hags and learn some class.

    • Shunny

      Draya was doomed from the star..she's young, attractive, and doing what

      Laura,Jackie,Imani, and Gloria did to get what they wanted; you all were groupies @ one time. Malaysia Keep It Real. Draya should leave the haters alone.

    • MrsLady

      Ok. Just watched last night episode with Laura and her sister walking down the block and Laura hears that Drays is talking about her and saying certain things about her kids. Did Laura just say" she has her name in my mouth". What the……. Somebody help this girl figure out her choice of words.

      • Diva40

        Yeah i caught that too, lmao!!

      • Latasha Thompson

        Yes, I thought the exact same thing…

    • Lola

      Laura, Gloria, Imani, are just jealous of Draya. They have insecurity issues. Funny how Gloria talks about how Draya makes her funny, while she agrees to have sex with her husband in exchange of a botox party. Gloria is no better than Draya or anyone else. Draya needs to stop hanging around Imani, and Laura because they are just bitter because they were dropped and kicked out by their exes, and Gloria she is just an insecure, jealous person. I can see why Gloria's ex threw her out, the woman is a psycho.

      Draya, stop trying to hang out with these crazy b#tch@s.

    • KT33

      I agree with u on this one. Laura big butt know she wrong for that! She need Maylasia to whoop on that tail again. I think all the girls are just jealous of Draya cause she really pretty and they are just jealous of her.

      • http://TVOvermind Cheryl

        Did you hear Laura say she wasted a __ss whipping on Malaysia? That was funny if she thinks for a minute she whipped anything on Malaysia. I believe Jackie is a snake in the grass and she is enticing dumb Laura to do her dirty work and since Malaysia had a part in telling Draya the agreed for her to be invited Laura thinks its ok now to try and get some jabs in on Malaysia. Both Gloria and her sister have problems. They both want to be bullies but their to light in the ass to pull it off. Maybe Laura should find a way to make some money so she can not be made to look like a trick by her baby daddy for the use of his credit card.

        • DRW

          That was funny to me too. No way did she beat Malaysia and Malaysia got up, took her shoes off and brought it back to her. Laura and Gloria don't even look related. What's up with that; Good luck Draya.

          • DRW

            What was funny still was Gloria talking about what she was going to do whan she saw Malayia. HaHAHa. That would have been one for the books. She really thinks she's tough. If she had of jumped on Malaysia, somone would have had to clean me up cause I would have s@@@ my pants. Ha Ha

      • http://TVOvermind Cheryl

        I want some clarity here!! People always saying negative things about the Black woman. The Govans and Evelyn appear to be somewhat the same nationality and not Black but are ready to push out those babies with a Black man for the money but end up with nothing!! I'm just saying!!

    • Remember Me

      I agree with you Laura act like she have a mental problem and need to be re-committed, WHY IS SHE ON THE SHOW. Basketball Wives, Trampettes, no class.
      Draya is the only one i really like on the show

  • Kesha

    I so agree. Draya was doomed from the beginning. And Laura trying to go in on the youngest two in the group, Draya and Malaysia, instead of being a grown @$$ woman and trying to show them better. Her and Gloria both running they mouth about how she made her money. Key-how she made, not her baby daddy. I mean I am going to keep it real, at first I wasn't feeling Draya because of the whole child endangerment thing but everybody makes mistakes and all we know is what's been put out in the media, so who really knows the whole story. And Imani, please…is it true that you hid the fact that you had 2 kids and not 1, just so a man would be with you. That's just as worse, same thing as abandonment. NOTHING should come before your child. And Mrs. Jackie, gotta lot of respect for her but she needs to quit feeding into the petty mess that Laura and Gloria trying to get started. I used to feel sorry for Gloria when she was on BWoM, but now that I see the real her, no balls til your sister around, she got what she deserved. Couldn't come to my city with that mess!!!

    • tretre2010

      before Laura got into the ring with Draya, and just beat her down. Laura had beat down Gloria first.

  • Mari

    I am fairly certain that Laura is really a man…. Jackie tries too hard…her recent wedding was a laugh…wasn't exactly a big gala event.

    and Gloria is just another gal with a couple of kids, living off a rich basketball player til he dumps her. There aren't too many actual "wives" on his show…it's just funny to watch. Couldn't vh1 get attractive actual wives?

    • Shayla

      I was thinking that Laura was once a man. She walks and talks just like a man.

  • LaLa

    BbwLa (bbw in general) promotes bullying. These women are too old to be fighting, gossiping, and arguing. Grow up!! I swear all the ahtletes wives/baby momma's/jump off's/ can't be this ignorant.

    • http://tvovermind.zap Luci

      I agree with the above, but who that hell was that woman who thought the whole world should stop spinning because she was having her vows renewed for the 100th time? Just like Draya I don't attend everything I am invited to and I am sure Draya had more fun hanging out with her young friends instead of these OLD cussing bitter hags. Laura fights the pretty ones: Draya, and Malaysia. Jealousy?

  • keeping it re

    FIRST I want to say thanks to shilo for writing these blogs your the best. And you keep it 100% real and on point, thank You for having Draya's back not because she's. One of the youngest or she's one of the prettiest, but because your keeping it real about the others.

    Gloria it turns out is the biggest instigator of all,whom we have yet to see her work,Imani whothe F#$% are you asking draya for explanations about her life and past,I actually liked Laura in the beginning, sure fight lttle Draya ,I bet you won't run your mouth to Malasia again .

    JACKIE I'm sure everybody knows how crazy you are by now Uuummmm husband choking "Google" it!insecure.

    team Malaysia and Draya.

  • SexyMa 71

    Gloria was wrong for setting up that "play date". It was an ambush on Draya. Gloria always talking bout how the Miami hoes were classless and childish, she just went to LA to out do them. She always ready to ride or die Shanie should have kicked her butt like Jason did. You back your family but when they are wrong and acting unstable you are suppose to bring them back. Gloria will get hers in the end. Standing on the side lines boosting her sister up while she beat on that little girl. That was just so low and wrong. Good christian Imani passing judgement on Draya, well I guess her is made of glass. She has trouble with her being a stripper but thinks it's okay to say how long its been since she had sex and how she pleases herself on a regular. Now how would her children feel hearing that in reruns? Do you Draya, these heffas just jealous.

    • Diva40

      Yeah Imani has a problem with Draya because she thinks she used to strip, but she was at Jackie's party throwing dollar bills at the strippers, both male and female. She's phony as hell.

  • Atl77

    Bully (jackie) Insecure (laura) Lame (gloria) Confused (Imani) Secure (Malaysia) Ambushed (Draya). gloria set Draya up once again only this time she went too far. laura being aggresive with gloria was a fake tone setter for her to maliciously beat up the younger smaller Draya. jackie has been married damb near 50 times and is tripping. jackue is a fake old selfish insecure hateful woman who along with laura and gloria insist on putting Malaysia name in your mouth but wont tell her to.her face what she think. These ladies have taken hating Draya to a serious level of bullying and someone needs to put them in check especially jackie absolutely classless

    • http://TVOvermind Cheryl

      You hit the nail on the head. Jackie!!! Insecure troublemaker picking on girls almost the age of her daughter and her oldest daughter is on the web blasing her. She wanted to be the queen bee so that is why she went in on Tonya. I don't blame Tonya for being done with that mess. She has bigger fish to fry and was not going to let these hoodrats ruin her name.

  • Dallas 81

    Were is Kimsha and Tanya????????????????????

    • http://tvovermind.zap Luci

      Tanya is covering that Michael Jackson trial. She is too smart to be on basketball wives. They didn't like her because she made them look foolish. I like Tanya but I don't want to see her back with those idiots. She has a Law Degree from Harvard.

  • http://tvovermind.zap Luci

    Stupid women! Calling these athletes "my fiance" after 10 years! If he hasn't put a wedding ring on it by now he's not going to. They call themselves educated? The only one who conducted themselves like a lady was Tanya so they got rid of her. Gloria set up Laura to fight Malaysia. Gloria is the "jump off" she accused Draya of being. Popping out baby after baby with their so-called "fiance" (Ha!) These "fiances" and "divorcees" and "estranged" wives are embarrassing. Laura needs to be hauled off to a mental institution. No wonder she and her gigantic nose got thrown out from a mansion to a 2-bedroom house. Her stupid phoney diaper-changing sister is next.

  • Leigha

    I felt so bad for Draya I was ready to cry honestly, but more out of anger because those raggedy vagabond b*&^ches need to have extra holes stomped in their a$$es. The way those DOGS treat Draya honestly makes the Miami girls look like Mother Teresa's step children. Gloria is a complete idiot who was about to get mud stomped by Shaunie because her Goon looking sister was banging Shaq and she sided with her ugly wicked sister. First of all Shaunie should have cracked Shaq in dam eye because of all the pretty women who would have had his @$$ and he goes for that goon bytch! Jackies daughter Takari is bringing out all of her deamons…. Imani is just a dam waste. I see none of those crooked heffas had the t%tts & @ss to confront Malaysia for telling Draya about the conversation they had about her in regards to that hideous wedding. If I were one of Draya's girls I would get the crew together and go WHOOP SOME A$$ on the real.

  • Atl77

    There is a positive note on the show: MALAYSIA. Very lady like, mature, secure with herself, non judgemental, beautiful, nice dresser, entrepreneu

  • Ga Girl

    It's sad to see Black African American grown women carrying on the way these women are. I am 36 years old with three teenage boys and after looking at these women humiliate theirselves on tv, I could never carry myself in this way. You have 5 grown ass women hounding the one female that may have some issues, but seems to have a little business about herself(Draya),I personally think it basically boils down to "jealousy"!Who wants to be in this jacked up group you call " the circle". My advice to you Draya is to RUN!!!! These hounds are after your ass!!

  • Atl77

    Malaysia is one of the classiest women on reality tv. She holds her cards close and keeps a poker face she never telegraphs her thoughts, which is how laura got her mouth blew out because she underestimated malaysia. Malaysia is from the hood but and has even been video girl, but she has something that jackie, laura, and gloria will never have and thats the ability to mature into a real woman and a classy wife to her husband. It was refreshing to see her laughing and talking with draya, I think draya looks up to her and respects her. Maybe she malaysia can mentor her while on the show. Funny how the wicked witches of the west all claim to be so real but keep bad mouthing malaysia behind her back. They know that malaysia is quick to take those beverly heels off and go Laquisha on one of them ol jealous rats with one of those compton right hooks. Love u Malaysia u are the realest on bbw la. U should have been on the first show (miami)

  • king

    I like Draya I wish the other women would leave her alone. They are just jealous. I wish I could meet Draya that girl is very fit. Those pole tricks she was doing was amazing! I am a female and I know I could get very tone trying those tricks. Malayshia even seemed as though she was having fun trying it. She stopped when the other women walked in because she did not want them to see how much she was enjoying it. Did anyone notice how Jackie asked Draya to do some tricks for her? Lol she was enjoying watching her although she would never admit it. So sad how they hate on Draya they should embrace her because she seems very cool and they might even learn some tricks.

  • http://basketballwivesla mz will

    i dont care for this la bunch not classy just a bunch of mess, gossip and backstabbing big laura knew dam well she shouldnt be in the ring wit lil mama. malaysia i like the most, the old woman jackie is out of place, the other old lady thats looking for a man, really!!!! too much info. they should try a new city like new orleans, miami was the best this la bunch WEAK.

  • Jaquar51

    I can no longer watch Basketball Wives L.A. These women are crazy as hell. Laura thinks she's so tough but Maylasia kicked that butt, Laura wants to fight Draya!! are you serious, you slept with Shaq fool. Gloria is a in-house hooker, she is the mother of Matt's twins and he tells her she has to have sex with him on demand in order to use his credit card so she can have a botox party,Gloria is no better then the next girl trying to find a man with money, you mean to tell me you have children with this man and you don't have your own credit card, these women need me to teach them a lesson on what being a real women is. I would not be with a man who made the money Matt makes and not have my own credit card!!!! Gloria go to my website I'm done with this show, I'll wait for the original Basketball Wives (Miami) now they bring it!!!

  • Cassie42

    Really, Laura is the worst cast member on this show. She is a trouble maker and completely immature. For a mother of 4 she acts like she just got of a straight jacket after a long stretch at an asylum. Granted everyone has issues and any reality show will highten those issues. But to flat out lash-out at not one but two cast members and it has only been 4 episodes thus far, makes this chick a lose cannon. She needs more than one sesson with a therapist as clearly that visit didn't help her. Draya tried her best to hang in there but there wasn't much a small-fraamed women her size could do againt jabba-tha-hut pounding on her. Everyone likes drama on reality shows, but straight-up Laura ia a bully of the worst kind!

  • Datra Burton

    I want to say also, Laura and Gloria was jump offs once upon a. time.Laura would not be the leading lady, if it wasn't for her sister @#%*img Shaq.Also Gloria has a ring, but no commitment.

  • Dottie

    Draya is always being set up by these ladies, whats up with that? why are these ladies all in her business? the show is called Basketball wives not Draya, to Google her then try to use her pass against her is so unreal she not on trail. She don't pose a threat to half the ladies on the show seeing they don't have a man in their life on or off the court. This is not the show people want to see. Why don't you just make a show call it Kicking it Draya or a Day in the life of Draya. Hell just bring back the original crew from Basketball wives these ladies gave us a show hold down Miami…………

  • Sandee

    This was truly an unfair fight but I have to hand it to Draya for fighting back. Laura is a COWARD. Jackie is a snake – she cannot confront Malaysia though, but has the tough talk behind her back. Imani is lost in her own world – talking about she has given all the love she has. Why look for a man then if you cannot love him? STUPID!!!!! The best of the bunch are Draya and Malaysia. Darya is very mature for her years and Malaysia into her business and making strides while these bitter women sit and cry all day about their lot in life. Laura has a 2 bedroom apt. – find a job and elevate yourself but no- waiting on some man to take care of her.

  • DRW

    Laura talks like she beat Malaysia up. NOT. And at least Draya did fight her back. Who does Imani think she is by calling Draya worthless?

  • darlene

    These fat pigs are so jealous of stays its ridiculous I can't wait till all their men leave them for good they are afraid that once they set their eyes on drags they will scream her name when they are having sec with these pigs

  • Atl77

    Oooowee I cant wait till the reunion when john salley replays what was said by jackie, gloria and laura about malaysia

  • kat

    Laura is a discusting fat ugly slob….what is wrong with her? Draya keep your head up and leave these tricks alone!!!..I THOUGHT LAURA HAD SEX WITH SHAQ? SO WHY WOULD SHAUNIE PUT HER ON THE SHOW, AND GIVE HER A CHANCE TO MAKE ANY MONEY? I HEARD EVELN HAD A THREESOME WITH SHAQ AND HOOPZ YET SHAUNIE KISSES HER ASS!!! GO FIGURE

  • Trini

    Malaysia is very classy and can give etiquette lessons to the other women on the show. She represents black women well.

  • gio

    Team malaysa ans draya…hating ass laura….picking on someone smaller than u and imani u r not her mother or pay her bills sh does not need. To break her self down to u who are you

  • belle

    Laura, oh, the fat hood rat that was messing with Shaunie's husband, and Gloria, her sister was ran off of Miami Housewives after Evelyn and Shaunie was about to beat her a@@. Laura is nothing but a fat chick who is obviously jealous of Draya, they all are..I would like to see Laura talk trash with NeNe Leakes! No, it ain't happening! LOL

  • belle

    LOL…Thats is so true!

  • belle

    LOL…I like the part when Gloria said that she was about to go and beat Malaysia down (after she beat Laura's FAT ASS) and her friends down…are you kidding me, I just know that Gloria and her Laura would get their aSSeS wooped by Malasia Compton Girls!!!LA Housewives sucks and I am done, also waiting for Miami! SMH

  • Trini

    After looking at tonight's episode it just confirms how ignorant these women are to think that they are in a position to judge Draya. I am so proud to see that Malaysia continued to exuberate class even though she thought Draya deliberately tried to throw her under the bus.

    Malaysia all I can say is continue to hold your head high and show that black women can be classy even in an evironment where being trashy seems to be what gets the ratings. Don't sell your soul for a few pennies.

    I love the fact that you showed Laura in episode 1 that even though you are classy it does not mean you are a push over. You are true black woman.

  • Triniqueen

    After looking at tonight's episode it just confirms how ignorant these women are to think that they are in a position to judge Draya. I am so proud to see that Malaysia continued to exuberate class even though she thought Draya deliberately tried to throw her under the bus.

    Malaysia all I can say is continue to hold your head high and show that black women can be classy even in an evironment where being trashy seems to be what gets the ratings. Don't sell your soul for a few pennies.

    I love the fact that you showed Laura in episode 1 that even though you are classy it does not mean you are a push over. You are true black woman.

  • Char

    I totally agree with all of the comments. These women along with the others who do these shows set women back many years. It's not uplifting or informational so what is the purpose? There are enough stereotypes of black women to go around,to produce shows that perpetuates hate for each other is disgusting to say the least. Is there anything people won't do for money? Something that you will never take with you when you are called to answer for your sins. I am an older woman and it pains me to see women devalue themselves for approval. Why does it always come down to pleasing men at all cost? These women have been made fools of and they think it's okay as long as they get a man with money. They need to get an education, career and make their own money. I don't think this show could get any worst. SMH!!

  • http://tvovermind elesbe

    I agree with all the above comments, after watching last nights show, all I have to say is "LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE". Draya you need to get off of that show, these women are wolves dresses in sheep clothing.

  • tretre2010

    also i feel that they always bate Draya in to just jump on her about nothing that have anything to do with them. If they don't like Draya that bad why still be bothered with her. Why keep inviting her to events and when she don't come they get on her about that and when she do go they just treat her like she is nasty. They did not get a change to know Draya from the jump just because she had ask Imani a question on the first day.

  • pat

    reminds me of grade school , the not so pretty girls picked on the pretty one. Thinking the guys liked her more and not them. One might like a guy but he likes the pretty one, so she get mean girls to bully the pretty one. I would'nt let insecurities and low self esteem plus jealously show. Laura, you don't know how you looked in the ring with draya. Like a big bully!!! Gloria, you're trying to stay revelant, but you're not. I like maylasia, classy. Jackie, it's still up in the air, you can be both good and bad. Tonya, baby keep running far as you can, they're not for you. The rest of you, just don't care!!!

  • cdm

    Laura is a good for nothing LARGE Bully. We got you Draya

  • jamdown

    They all are jealous of Draya,girlfriend U need to take a page from maylasia’s life and behavior and avoid those other girls old hags,understand than tht u don’t need to explain urself to anyone nor are u obligated to any of them for tht matter. So to hell with them girl.

  • brooklyn

    Umm I kinda like jackie until I heard all these new things about her,laura and gloria needs to sit all the way down draya she cool but whose down with girls sexing there husband.where is that cool?

  • dominique

    the only thing their doing is making daraya more famous by putting her name in their mouths every 5 seconds of the day. daraya is not worried about them as you can see she is still doing her. SO DARAYA KEEP YO HEAD UP GIRL LET THE HATERS HATE ON YOU CUZ THEY ARE JUST MAKING YOU MORE RICHER DUH

  • Ms.One

    Laura rumor has it you broke up a WHOLE FAMILY, but you made at Draya. Imani you haven't had a man in HOW long, but you mad at Draya, Gloria you run around hiding money as you plan your escape so you mad at Draya.Jackie I don't know I am just confused when I hear you SPEAK. These are life events you put in motion where is it said it's ok for you to do but not Draya. It's sad you all have put yourself out there like this.
    Draya I may not agree with all you do but i respect you enough not to judge stay real cause your the the truth on your terms and Malaysia. The rest of your cast members need to do what they do continue to get an allowance from that boo as Evelyn would say SECURITY ….SECURITY Draya and Malaysia I watch for you only! Bravo hire and fire since you don't have to be married to a bb man anyway get Draya and Malaysia some real contenders will watch.

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