Basketball Wives: “What is it with you and people?”

Like her or not, season three of Basketball Wives has pretty much been the season of Jennifer Williams. At the center of most every conflict and allowing her post-marriage renaissance to be aired in front of millions of people, Jennifer went from silent background player to full-fledged reality leading lady in the course of the last ten episodes of Basketball Wives, including the finale which was another episode centered on Jennifer’s impending divorce from Eric.

Their whole dynamic just gives me a headache. It’s very obvious that there’s still a lot of feelings between the two of them, whether it be Eric’s text messages or Jennifer’s jealousy over his association with anyone that she knows, regardless of if she even likes them to begin with, so the incident that closed the episode made sense. It was ugly and it was juvenile, but there’s so much there that if they feel like they’ve been wronged, they “strike back” and try to hurt the other one more than they were hurt. Like I said, total headache material and I’m just glad that their divorce was finalized recently.

All this being said, I don’t think that either one of them was more in the wrong than the other with regards to the drink throwing. The act itself is silly and should be beneath two grown ass people, but I guess I forget that this is reality TV and nothing is beneath nobody. I know people are going to want to immediately point the finger at Eric and emasculate him for throwing a drink back at her, but Jennifer’s a big girl and she brought that on herself by trying to be slick and get the last shot in to their argument by slinging a drink in his direction as he got up from the table. If he had put his hands on her, pushed her, or deliberately tried to hurt her with the glass, it would be a different story, but with what little he actually did do, he’s no more at fault than she is.

But before all this nonsense went down, Jennifer had her divorce party where she got drunk, made out with not-gay William, and beat down an Eric pinata filled with condoms, lube, and candy. (I wish I was making that up.) It was giving me serious co-ed bachelorette party vibes, which is cool and sort of fitting as she’s entering into bachelorette-hood once again. However, how are you going to have a divorce party when your actual divorce isn’t even close to being finalized? I understand wanting to have a symbol of your newfound freedom and a reason to bring a bunch of cute boys together with your girlfriends to have a good time, but shouldn’t she have waited until the papers were signed before strapping on her sci-fi battle armor dress and painting the town purple?

And so, another Basketball Wives season has ended with liquor being tossed around and personal growth stunted just a bit more. Don’t frown too hard, kids, because Basketball Wives is back next week for part one of a two part reunion (with Basketball Wives: LA premiering the week after part two of the reunion). From the brief promos aired during the finale, Evelyn’s yelling at Meeka, security is called, and somebody’s crawling all over the coffee table. Just when you think this show can’t be more of a hot mess, it goes and outdoes itself. Bravo.

Thoughts, Quotes, & Observations

  • In the news: Royce recently had a seizure at a softball game, but she’s doing better. Shaunie is still making comments about how Basketball Wives is disgusting, but I don’t see her giving back any of her checks or denying the career opportunities that a show like this gives her, so whatever, girl. Jennifer owns part of Flirty Girl Fitness and starred in a music video recently. Discuss amongst yourselves.
  • “There needs to be hot men there.” “You better go recruit ’cause I don’t know any.”
  • “Listen, I’m getting drunk, too.” “As you should.”
  • “According to Evelyn, it was the Sahara down there…”
  • “She’s got to step up her kissin’ game.”
  • “I was like chiiiiiiild….work it out, girl.” Love you, Tami. Sorry I hated on you a couple of weeks ago.
  • The Eric cake: trashy or hilarious? Or both?
  • Jennifer’s 37? I assumed she got with Eric super young, so I figured she was 30-31. Go, Jennifer, with your young lookin’ self.
  • However, I have to give it to Royce for the colored contact lines she had at the beginning. So wrong but a damn good comeback to the hateful hypocrisy on Jennifer’s twitter.
  • No Meeka tonight with very little of anybody else but Jennifer and Evelyn.
  • Is it just me or is Shaunie super disconnected from everything going on? Why am I supposed to care about her shoe line when the only episodes she’s been featured in for more than 5 minutes are Italy episodes?
  • Al Reynolds is back. And making it rain. With condoms. As I said last time, welcome aboard, boo.

What did you think about tonight’s finale? Was Eric in the wrong by throwing a drink in Jen’s face after she threw one at him? What are you hoping to see at the reunion?

  • Feelme

    Her old ass needs to grow up. I knew she was older since she never published her age. Don't wanna see no more women over 35 on a show actin like some high school kids.

  • Tina123

    I've always. Been pro Jen and Evelyn until the. Meeka and Tami, fight and they didn't step up to the plate and tell Tami she was wrong. I hope LA Basketball.wives has more class. This show is a hot and I hope Meeka sues Tami and the show.

  • sunshine

    JENNIFER IS THE BEST DRESSED BY FAR! Where can i get the white off the shoulder blouse? FUNKY FUNKY FUNKY

  • Time is on Our Side

    People need to start watching the re-runs instead of the actual shows, because the more you watch in prime time slots, the more our race has to suffer prosecution due to their acts. It is not funny, yall need to grow up and see that Shaunie's "Mess of Success" Show needs to be taken off air. We have girls to raise, and we do not need these tramps showing them how NOT to adults. I place the blame on no one else, other than Shaunie O'Neal herself. She will not let her children watch it, yet is putting this crap out there for other people adolescent children to see. If it is good for her goose, why not good for society gander? PIMP! Cashing checks, and degradating races.

    People need to be ashamed following them on twitter, and tuning in prime time to uphold them in the degradation of everything we hold dear. Take your power back, and show them that we as a race to stand for something by watching the rerun on an opposite day, instead of the day the show first airs. Show them that they are not above the degradation of their race no matter who they slept with, and the opportunity/money that they have been left with.

    They should be more responsible for what got them there, instead of making us have to take a step back to fight for our place in society over and over again. They should not take advantage of the opportunity to portray us in a better light. Marriage is only one aspect of who you are, and I feel that it is incohensible to profit off of it regardless once it sours. Things happen, move on positively. This shows the reason why they were there to begin with. They were not famous before, so why want to be now? Seems like they were the ones who went into the marriages/relationships for other reasons outside of commitment. Commitment last when relationship fails, does anyone not forgive their relatives when discord occurs? You move on and get over it, you do not cash in. Only thirsty birds do that! Which also sets up the reason why they entered into the situation in the first place. Fame and Fortune. Point Blank Period. It was about what they could get, otherwise they should have no problem going back to the life they had prior.

    BUT, NO, the do not want to go gentle into that good night. It shows that the life they had prior, they have turned their backs on. Mom and Dad just do not measure up to the good life. That is not being real. It's being greedy. I am not saying you have to be poor, but you should not mind being out of the lime-light is what I am saying. Feel Me?

    Sell OUTS the mass of them. Meeka as well if she is doing this for money and solicitation at the expense of her race, family upbringing, and status. The truth will find you out.

    Shaunie-Pimp Hoe

    Evilyn-Hustla Hoe

    Jennifer-Smart, but dumb, Hoe

    Tami-Crack Hoe

    Royce-Bouncing, Immature, Scared of Tami Hoe

    Suzie-Lame Hoe

    Meeka-Advertising Hoe due to her failure to provide any self substanance in regard to life. About her paper.

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