UPDATED: Make It or Break It Renewed by ABC Family; State of Georgia Canceled

Shilo Adams September 16, 2011 8

ABC Family has announced that Make It or Break It has been renewed for another season, set to air sometime before the 2012 Summer Olympics. While there’s no word on how many episodes will make up season three, the last episode of the 20 episode second season aired this past May.

Make It or Break It tells the story of a group of teenage gymnasts training to make it to the Olympic Games, all the while dealing with interpersonal conflicts and the increased pressure from various pre-Olympic competitions. When last we left the girls from The Rock, they had earned the gold medal at Worlds in Rio, so their Olympic dreams are closer than ever to becoming reality.

It’s the third renewal decision by ABC Family over the last couple of days, as The Nine Lives of Chloe King was officially put down and The Lying Game was given another 12 episodes to continuing spinning its web of intrigue. After announcing the renewal of Make It or Break It, ABC Family went on to announce the fate of State of Georgia, the summer comedy starring Raven-Symone and Majandra Delfino. According to Deadline, Georgia won’t be on anyone’s mind (or TV) anytime soon, as the freshman show has been canceled.

Earlier this summer, the network gave renewals to its other comedy Melissa & Joey and breakout hit Switched at Birth.

How do you feel about Make It or Break It returning for another season? Do you think each of the four girls (Kaylie, Lauren, Payson, and Kelly) will win something at the Olympics? Will watching the journey of the hard-working athletes of Make It or Break It make you more excited for the London Olympics?

  • Sam

    MIOBI…super excited. Hope to see Emily for a super suprise!!!

  • Kaylee

    Never saw Make it or Break it. I was a huge fan of Chloe King. This show was amazing. Go on Hulu and watch it. The first episode doesn't blow you out of the water, but by the second or third episode I promise you'll love it and be just as sad as I am that they canceled it. Won't be watching ABC anymore.

  • Julia

    Emily should be a big part of this season. I'm glad they decided to bring it back and hope it continues for at least a few more seasons.

  • M

    SOO GLAD Make it or Break it was renewed, I have checked every day for updates so this is very good news! Hope to see emily in the third season, I think the girls will rock at the Olympics, personally more excited for MIOBI olympics over 2012 summer olympics, I will be checking frequently for a premiere date!

  • Jason

    Although I'm glad The Lying Game got a full season, I'm beyond ticked that they cancelled Georgia and Chloe King. I hadn't seen Raven on tv in YEARS. And now that she was back they don't even give her show a chance. Don't even get me started with Chloe. How on earth can ABCF cancel it after an ending like THAT!?!?! I swear, the whole ABC business is run by IDIOTS.

  • nehemi

    bro 4real tho never saw make it or break it .not once. but seriously state of georgia nd chloe king really lik 4real.my two fave shows. now just like disney channe abcf will suk!!!!! but watever what IS the point of canceling them.

  • bjsv

    update: emily is not coming back.

    • markilabeasley

      what…. Emily is a big part of that show. what happen? i really like that show but it wont be the same with out her.