Mob Wives: “She’s got no spades, so she might as well throw in her hand”

Shilo Adams June 26, 2011 29

If there’s one major thing to take away from the first season of Mob Wives, it’s that as much bravado and swagger as these women may try to give off, they’re human just like the rest of us and eventually the toll of an unusual lifestyle is bound to start affecting them. In past episodes, we’ve seen Karen deal with crushing press, Renee find the strength to leave her ex once and for all, and even typically tough Carla struggle with just how to tell her kids where their father had been for the past 6 years.

The season one finale was all about the unraveling of Drita D’avanzo and it was both a tough and captivating watch. Drita’s volatile relationship with Lee may have finally reached its breaking point with a shocking revelation of his infidelity during his short stay home (my notes: “SHUT UP. SHUT. UP.” and about 500 underlines) and that stress, frustration, and anger bubbled over when it came time to discuss the issue of Karen’s apparent fudging of the timeline of her relationship with Lee and how that made Drita look. When the fight between Karen and Drita was finally broken up by production, it was clear: things had changed for the Mob Wives.

Here’s my thing. If Karen had been cheating on Lee as much as we implied, she has zero right to comment on who he sees or doesn’t see, regardless if it’s her girlfriend or not. To me, cheating on somebody repeatedly negates girl code and why should Drita be forced to tell you when she gets with Lee when you can’t even bother to stay faithful to him in the first place?! Let’s not forget that Karen giving Drita the book was all about stirring the pot (you’ve known Drita for more than a decade and you’re surprised she doesn’t want to read your book/give you feedback when you explicitly said you didn’t care what she thinks?); let’s even forget that Karen continues to bring up this whole thing and more or less guilted Drita into apologizing by crying in front of her. The timeline fudging, the selective morality, and the weird friendship standards (what about forgiveness?) were all too much to handle and I can understand Drita’s frustration.

Season one of Mob Wives ended with the same tone as it began. In the span of one episode, you had funny one liners, intense fights, and a whole lot of self-reflection, as Renee was looking toward the future, Drita was regretting the past, and Karen didn’t quite know what direction to go. The show can go from lighthearted and even somewhat goofy to heartbreaking to loud and angry within a short span and it honestly works, partially because the chaotic nature of an episode seems to mirror the lifestyle we’ve been watching for the past 10 episodes. Here’s hoping that each woman either finds a little peace with their current situation or continues to realize that while they may have conquered “The Life”, real life can sometimes be just as tough if not tougher and the hard work is just beginning.

Final Thoughts:

  • How on fire was Renee during her talking heads? My personal favorite was probably “I’m divorced from my husband for 12 years. I dare you to go out with him.”
  • “I don’t think I need to fill my life with his problems.” I don’t really get “attached” to reality stars, but my heart was really warmed by seeing just how at peace Renee was about her situation with Junior and where her life is taking her. The introduction of therapy into a show like this was such a smart move and I hope Renee continues to see Dr. Gorsky during season two to keep up the good work.
  • Just speculating, but I think Dave will take Carina and move to New York to be with Karen, especially since the show was picked up for a second season. He seems like he loves her and we’ve seen how Carina’s absence has affected Karen, so I don’t see them staying apart for too long.
  • Sneakers or heels? The age old question.
  • The fight itself seemed like it would be one for the ages, but they didn’t show much more than what they were using in the promos. There’s supposed to be bonus footage on the show’s site, so if you’re so inclined, you can check that out, as well as catch up on any episodes you missed before the reunion.
  • I know Mob Wives is just a silly little show on VH1, but I have to say that I greatly enjoyed myself during season one and I got way more into the storylines than I expected to. Despite the issues I have with certain members of the cast, I want the best for these ladies and as entertaining as their fights can be, it’s awesome to see them make personal progress and get to the root of their unhappiness.
  • The reunion, airing in two weeks, will be a hot mess and I cannot wait. Bring it on.

What did you think about the finale of Mob Wives? Do you think you’ll be tuning in for the reunion in two weeks? Who do you think is in the right: Karen or Drita?

  • toniaodom

    Im with Karen. Men are dogs and will sleep with anyone. Ladies are not supposed to get with their girlfriends leftovers. Period. And if you wanna be dirty like that then let yo girl hear about if from you, not someone else.

    • Cookson

      Drita is a loose cannon.  Her anger builds up to EXPLODE………..I worry about

      her kids.  She is her own worst enemy………..she thinks and anticipates what may,

      or could happen…… much so, she loses reality.  I noticed she kissed Karen

      first, when she arrived at the get together…very fake………as you flip a coin, and

      BAM…she's all over Karen….Actually getting a high from fighting with her…

      the veins on her neck really stick out!  She definitely needs to see a shrink, and

      to quit her incessant Joe Pesci swearing….which I think she does more and more

      of, as it's apparent she knows the camera is on her……..!

    • zsazsapod

      karen got with dritas man, wether she hooked up or made out with him no one knows for sure but the fact of the matter is she did the exact same thing to her so she has no right in getting angry or frusrated at the situation. Karen needs to stop being a hypocrite and get over it..

    • commonsense

      hey stupid! karen made out with drita's boyfriend u don't see drita looking for an apology

    • ummmmokay

      Seriously? Is this Drita?  Dang… that is alot of anger for just a viewer.  Just saying.

    • Yay Karen

      I love Karen she's the only one that makes sense. I like Drita to but she acts like a hoodrat. Karens a hood rat too but she doesn't show it like Drita. Drita is proud to be a hoe which is gross.

  • Ticia

    Girl code…. U don't sleep with your friends man and you don't sleep with a used to be friends man either. To me that comes off as desperate and fake…. I would never. No matter the situation…. There's a reason who Karen cheating on Lee he's a douche and Drita knew the type of man he was and got with him anyways #loser! I like Renee and Karen and cannot stand Drita and Carla is odd…. She contradicts herself way too much and I think she's kissing Dritas ass. Nothing Drita does is wrong in her eyes!

    • Y0M@MM@

      Then that speaks to your immaturity. There is a difference in F-ing someone and marrying them! Lee was just an occassional F-Buddy for Karen. She can't get mad….or even. They didn't have any children or a truely commited relationship as Karen tries to perpetrate! She just needs to get over it!!!!! It is soooooo juvenile to try to emotionally hold onto a man who didn't love you and YOU didn't love in the 1ST PLACE! Who gives a damn about her or her WHACK book anyway! Instead of her wanting America to say…Oh, poor little Karen! Get a shrink and work your crap out in therapy instead of my TV!

  • hope

    Team Karen.  No matter what you don't sleep with your friends man.  Period.  Drita was obsessed with the timeline because she was trying to excuse her behavior even going so far as denying that she and Karen were friends.  Regardless of whether Karen was cheating on Lee (as he was on her), Drita knew better and by the end of the episode I no longer believed that Drita was as blameless as she was implying all season long.  And I couldn't understand why she was getting so upset about a chapter that she never read, what was she afraid of?

  • Rubylou

    Are you kidding me? Karen is a trouble maker and should have stayed where she was. Was I the only one that heard, from her mouth, about how many guys she slept with while dating Lee? Didn't any of you hear that she was fooling around with Drita's boyfriend? Oh, excuse me, they only made out!  Sounds like this girl knows nothing about loyalty. What is it with the "you were my girl" crap? My girl????? I moved out of state and kept in contact with my friends back home. Do any of you remember her going over Renee's house to stir trouble up between Renee and Drita? Drita should have tossed Karen's ass in the street when she went to her house and was totally disrespectful to her. Drita should dump Lee and stay away from trouble making Karen. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

  • Lisa

    I really feel sorry for Drita right now she doesn't know what in the world to do.  As far as Karen i think she wants to start trouble she keeps stirring trouble ever chance she gets and keeps going back to Renee telling here everything.  And Renee needs to grow up and she is not all that she is a beautiful person the way she is having all those surgeries aren't going to make her beautiful she really seems to have a good heart thats what matters.   And Carla I think she is truely Drita's best friend and i hope she finds true love she deserves that and so does Drita and Renee.  Karen needs to go back to AZ.  I love the show and hope its on again.

  • http://TVovvermind patti

    Well done Karen. Yo should have knocked her out and you are right, if Dirtia is so bad why does she have to pull hair? You were at a disadvantage because of being held back but you would have given as good as you got. And to be honest with friends you just do not go there. You do not go with your friends regardless. Renee has made the point, even if it is your ex, your friend should not go there!

  • http://TVovvermind patti

    And Dritta, karma right back at ya! so the man you are defending so hotly is as snake! Karen was right. Now your kids will see you as a violent angry nutty person whose daddy cheated on them because even thought they do not watch the program me their friends parents do and some kid will tell her daughter about her no good daddy cheating ways

  • Mike

    umm, cheating with your supposed friend's man negates any "friendship". Drita knew the whole time and thus went after lee when he became available. Karen is a HO who got what she deserved. Drita would "knocker" unconcious!

  • Terry

    Its sad to see two grown women act out on television.  How disgusting! Shame on you Dritta you are like an animal, God forbid your children have the same evilness you have!  And Karen you speak worse then a truck driver. You are like a dirty girl… Renee your mouth is so fowl too. I like the show but am being turned off as of what was broadcasted last night.  Carla you are the only one that shows a BIT of class!

  • justme

    The show is produced by Renee's sister not Karens.

  • Michelle

    Quite frankly I think Karen is a lying, sneaky, ho…..the show would be much better without her….and by the way…she can't act for crap….poor baby…I wish Drita had beaten her to a pulp and without anyone there to save she surely wouldn't be running her ugly mouth….I hope she crawls back under the rock she came from….I personally think alot of it was for show but from her 're-entry' into NY I've wanted to puke every time I saw her….go back to visit daddy Satan Karen….you are out of your league…..

  • cheryl

    Drita is crazy she was furious with lee and took it out on Karen and besides Lee spoke to Drita like she was trash no man would speak to me like that and still be drawing breath

  • CeCe

    Team Karen all day!!!! It's not about Lee it's about friendship and respect which Drita clearly fails to understand! I honestly believe that if Renee wasn't holding or pulling Karen back Karen would have tossed her A** like a ceasar salad! And hair pulling Drita, seriously? All women know about homegirl codes and messing with another friends ex is one of them! I don't care how many men Karen screwed, Drita suppose to keep her mouth shut! But she goes and tell Lee and then puts her claws in him! Drita knows she was guilty she tried so hard to justify it even going so far as to saying Karen screwed her boyfriend! It's like yeah right, if that was the case Drita would have used that argument when her and Karen first talked about it! That was a fat fail! I really wish Renee didn't hold Karen because then it would have definitely been a all out brawl!

  • Isobel

    It doesn't matter if Karen had been cheating on Lee multiple times. It doesn't matter that Karen was with someone else when Drita and Lee got together. Karen and Lee were together for 7 years. I think that any girl friend (close or even if you've hung out a few times) should reach out to the other if you're going to date her ex. It doesn't matter if it's one year after they broke up, 2 yrs or even 5 yrs. You pick up the phone and say "Hey, just wanted you to hear it from me….."  You're not asking for permission from your gf but you should at least give her the courtesy of getting the news from you, if you are going to date her ex. Drita was flat out wrong here. To top it off, Drita told Lee that Karen was cheating on him. Huge girl code violation #2. Drita is just plain SHADY!

  • Cookson

    Producer of the show…Jennifer, is Renee's sister, not

    Karen's.  The more I watch the episodes I taped…they

    are all NUTS….lol……and once more….I'm sure they

    have edited out a lot that would explain the back and

    forth verbal confrontations.  Bottom line:  The audience

    for this show is building…and they have us all reeled in

    to stay tuned…for every blow by blow punch!  LOL

    Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths…but I love it…just

    the same.  Renee loves a front row seat "as she put

    it on the roof rumble episode"..but I think she's the

    most sensitive and caring one….sort of a MOTHER to the


  • Blanny

    I hated Renee early on, but toward the end and especially in the last episode I found her endearing and hilarious.  Carla is neither here nor there.  I like that she is pretty and seems to be a good friend to Drita.  She also seems to be the most together when it comes to the ex situation.  But, generally, she is kind of boring as a mob wife.  Karen has good reason to be annoyed with Drita because of what she did, but I really wish she would get over it.  Girl code and all, neither Drita nor Lee are worth stewing over when what you're mad at happened so long ago.  I kind of like Drita, but that tough guy persona she puts on is too fake for mob wives (or maybe perfect for mob wives!) and she is all talk.  I never met someone who talked so much about knocking people out yet does not throw a single punch.  Her tough side is just for the camera.  To me, she is a wimp for going at Karen while she was being held down and for doing nothing but pulling hair.  Fighting and violence are both wack, but if you are going that route you should do so in a fair way.  Why wait until some one is down and being held to unleash your fury?  I also think Drita let the pain from the Lee revelation boil over into her emotions about Karen.  Anyway, I loved the finale because it shows a flawed, human side to each of the girls.  Carla stood out as the classiest;  Renee as the funniest; Drita as the weakest; and Karen, well, she has many flaws, but I still think she was robbed of a fair fight.    

  • pat

    I luv renee,she's d realest & has d best heart. Carla has it 2gether more,so it appears she's boring. Drita WAS sadden by d hurt karen showed at her & lee's relationship. She honestly liked karen & wanted 2 make up. Karen has a lot of wounds 2 heal n meant it when she gave drita d chapter 2 read so she could b satisfied with it. Wish all d ladies good luck!!!

  • Michele

    Drita KNEW she was wrong from the beginning, why else would she have been so concerned about her and Karen getting over the "Lee" situation. I think they have a different understanding of what friendship is, not talking to someone for a while disqualifies them as your friend? What?

    Drita was mad about Lee's cheating and how studid she felt that dome of that anger was directed at Karen. Karen came in disliking Drita because of her hooking up with her ex of 7 years. She was being phony to Drita bit needed a way back in.

    Carla trying to defend Dritas decision is hilarious, I don't think her a Drita have known each other that long. Saying that because Karen was cheating negates the relationship is stupid. When her husband cheated or Lee cheated on Drita, did that make their relationships null and void? Nope. The reunion should be as entertaining as the show.

  • Michele

    * stupid, some, but.. Sorry for the misspells.

  • chance tv

    hey everyone,

    I interviewed Drita

    1  she elbowed me in my nose

    2 told me she had to pull a tooth out of her finger and

    3  how all of a sudden she'll come out of a blackout and there will be someone on the ground unconscious.

    If you want to check it out here is the link– enjoy

  • Yay Karen

    Calm down – it's not your life it's theirs. Drita is the hoe. Karen isn't

  • amie

    Drita is awesome!!! Karen's a sloppy, dumpy, fat, jealous, d-bag. I can't wait for season two!!!

  • Beauty

    This show gets a little testy at times but I love every minute of it. I know there are many people that don't agree with it which is OK because at the end of the day they are still watching it just like us. I can completely understand where Drita is coming from in the whole Karen and Lee situation. Karen really needs to just let it go. It is old news. Drita and Lee been together for a long time now and they haven't. I don't understand Karen. Rene is my favorite I don't know what it is about that girl but I love her! I'm so glad that I have the sling adapter from DISH so I'm able to watch this show no matter where I am since I just got my Sling adapter from DISH Free (After rebate). I don't want to miss season 2 on New Years I have to know what is happening. So even if I’m out and about on New Years I can watch it LIVE on my phone everywhere I go! I love the Sling adapter. As a customer and employee with DISH I recommend everyone get the Sling adapter. Any ways, I can't wait for season 2 already 3 more days!!