The Lying Game Picked Up for 12 Additional Episodes

While Chloe King fans are certainly upset that they’ll never find out where Chloe’s dad was, how her mother reacts to the news of her daughter’s gift, or if Brian is really dead, fans of The Lying Game have cause for celebration. The ABC Family drama has been picked up for 12 additional episodes, bringing its first season order to 22, according to Deadline. No word on when the back half of the season will air or what show it’ll be paired with, however.

The Lying Game, based on the young adult book series by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars), tells the story of identical twins Sutton and Emma, who were separated at birth but eventually find one another. Once they get back into contact, Emma assumes Sutton’s life while Sutton goes off in search of details about their past, including who their birth mother was and just what Sutton’s family is hiding. The show stars Alexandra Chando (As the World Turns), Allie Gonino (10 Things I Hate About You), and Blair Redford (The Young and the Restless).

The Lying Game airs Monday nights at 8:00 on ABC Family.

Have you been keeping up with Mercer family drama this season? What do you think is the real story behind Annie Hobbs? How do you think The Lying Game compares to Ringer, the other twin-based drama this season?

  • Sio

    How pointless. "The Lying Game" has some of the worst ratings, and now with the superior "Ringer" on The CW, there's no point in watching a wannabe version of it on ABC Family. ABC Family should just renew "Make It Or Break It" in time for the Olympics next year.

    • Jakara

      Some people like The Lying Game. For one, I love it. It's not a wannabe version of anything. It was based on a book called The Lying Game. No one was thinking about Ringer when they made this show.

    • iisk8

      I too watch the Ringer and in no way do these two shows have anything in common except that they both are about twin sisters. Nothing else is similar. In fact the Ringer is really getting stupid, Siobahn being in Europe and framing her sister, please.. The Lying games story is much more believable.

  • Jana

    Yay for The Lying Game! Could NOT stand Ringer, even loving SMG and Ioan Gruffudd.

  • The Lying Game

    I totally love The Lying Game. Yeah it's a bit cheesy and unbelievable but it's funny at the same time. I can;t wait to see what happens when people figure out that Emma isn't Sutton. I also want to know the deal with Annie Hobbs, Ted mercer and Alec Rybec. Is one of these guys the twins father?

  • erin

    I LOVE the lying game. so happy abc family didnt cancel it. and honestly i dont get why the ratings are bad because i personally think its better than switched at birth. even though i also love switched at birth. but not as much as the lying game!! just watched the lastest episode and it was SO good!!!

  • finaldistancenet

    I never really watched 'The Nine Lives of Chole King' so I'm not sad about that, but that still sucks for fans of the show. I haven't watched 'Ringer' either, but I actually want to because I love SMG. I'm so glad that 'The Lying Games' isn't canceled though, I love it. For the fashion comment, it is alittle over the top, but it is also realistic to the setting, a group of rich girls. I actually like the fashion on 'The Lying Game' more that 'Pretty Little Liars' both are good, but sometimes if feels like 'PLL' is more unrealistic because you would never she a preppy it girl dress as classy or mature as Hanna does, and such.

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