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  • Yairis

    I don't want to watch rupaul again! I didn't like raja because for me a drag queen is an illusion! And raja never ever!! Put anything on! She looks and talk like a guy the whole time! Not only that in season one they didn't like ongina bc she was always bold no wig! And look at raja, wow, and the friendship with ru is unacceptable( not sure is this is a word) but next time if they already know who they want, why they even bother to make the whole show? is just fake! And I will not watch it again

  • Leelee

    I love the show, just didn't bother watching the last 2 or 3…it was pointless. Kind of figure Raja would win, and he's so dam blah.

  • Blanche

    Why is it that none of the heavier or curvier contestants never win? Also it seams that all the winners are of darker skin tones. I feel each season from the start he picks the one that is going to win on the first show and what the other judges have to say does not count for anything. Maybe Lady Bunny should do a show like Ru Paul's show. Oh wait if that happened and a white queen won it would be called racist.

  • domono seven

    @ Blanche

    Why does the skin color of the winner matter? Would you sleep better at night if the winner were all white? I would hope that your emphasis would be on talent, and not skin hue. smh.

    You sound ignorant, bitter, and hateful. Humans are humans!!!